Hey Hey, you say it’s your Birthday “Kind Of!” Cake and Ice Cream?

  • When:08/16/14
  • QIC: Countertop & Zip-A-Dee
  • The PAX: Swiss Miss, Double E, Hair Band, Belly Flop (2.0), Milton, Horse Head, Boone Dock (2.0), Zip-A-Dee, Donut Hole, Crazy Train (2.0), Green Machine (2.0), Spielberg, The Late Show, Electric Slide, Flea (2.0/FNG), Drop Thrill, Countertop

Hey Hey, you say it’s your Birthday “Kind Of!” Cake and Ice Cream?

17 of Outland’s finest escaped the fartsac ready to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the site ready to take their annual dose of downpainment.  Some old faces that we haven’t seen in a while and even a few newbies.

We started off as we did a year ago with 10 burpees OYO to get things started. Then jetted off headed for the cheeze wheel (brought to you by none other than Boonedock back in the day) for a pre-game warm-up and landing at COP.


SSH x’s 30 (IC), IW x’s 25 (IC), Merkins x’s 20 (IC), Parker Pleter x’s 20 (IC), Pleter Perker x’s 20 (IC) — more to come on this Pleter thang.

The CAKE served by ZIP

Fast mosey to the Rogers Rd. Elementary Indian Run Style and meet at the track.

Interval training for some track work and to get warm.  AYG sprint around the track until Q calls it (15 second intervals) and then perform 5 burbee ladder down.

  • Rinse and Repeat the 15 second sprints / Burpees down to the last Burpee.

Circuit Station Work:

  • Step Up / Jump Ups x’s 20
  • Swing Kicks (aka Donkey Kicks) x’s 20
  • Dips x’s 30
  • Monkey Bar Challenge

Rinse and Repeat

Leave the ground of play and head for the parking lot and partner up.

  • Lunge Walk to the first bus and perform said partner exercise.
  • Partner Derkin / Press x’s 10 per partner (HH Favorite)
  • Bear Crawl to the end of the busses

Who wants popcorn?  Head to the concession stand at the stadium with random doses of burpees and merkins sprinkled on top.

  • Oh wait, Mr. Ed is still running his jaw so lets put a bit in it!!!
  • Partner Derkin / Press x’s 10 per partner (HH Favorite)

Cover the last bit of ground to the Popcorn stand.

In comes CT to serve 365 days of Ice Cream!!!!

365 @ Stadium

  • Merkins x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Squats x20
  • Burpees x12
  • Run the stadium Stairs
  • Repeato x5

 Mosey back to shovel flag but wait, as we started a year and 2 weeks ago, belly up at the bottom of the hill.  Sprint AYG to the shovel flag for COT.

The Empty Plates (Moleskin):

It was certainly nice to see some old faces post who helped us kick this thang off a year ago and boy have we grown strong.  There was a lot of mummble chatter prior to kicking off with the PAX catching up talking about past adventures and experiences from other sites (some hugging which I wasn’t sure about) but the boys came home to roost on this anniversary and ready to work.

The chatter continued during the first course of cake led by Horsehead but we quickly served up 2nd and 3rd helpings of pain to corral him.  HH continued to poke the skunk to revisit the Burpee sprint that he missed the previous week but in the end he got his fill.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my faux pas in calling the Peter Parker / Parker Peter that led to a good bit of the chatter.  YHC was really amped up for this one and when it came time to call out the the Parker boys, well my mind was racing far beyond what the mouth of Z could spit out.  Hard to believe right? 

I know Milton had enough after the first serving of cake as he hightailed out of there shortly after.  That had to be the fastest Saturday post ever brother.  We know that you had previous obligations but thanks again for coming out and supporting the PAX and the effort while you could.

HB was questioned prior to launch as he was over at ZIPs ride putting on a dress rehearsal trying to find an F3 style shirt that would totally fit and display all of that awesomeness.  #prettywoman 

Although, thankfully Electric Slide brought out Flea (sporting a spike hairdo no less) #nowthatsafashionstatement to help pick up the pieces and push us war daddy’s.  However, now the question remains of who’s the real rocker in the PAX? 

Not to be outdone by a wardrobe, the Late Show not only showed up super tan but once again showed up with his shakka zulu medicine man necklaces in tow looking to perform some voodoo pain preventive ritual on the Q’s.  Nice try brother.  #accessories #niceworkonthemissiontrips

The PAX was pretty spent by the time CT was ready to serve up ice cream at the 365 @ stadium that gave many of the boys a bellyache but Doughnut Hole and Swiss Miss were still feasting and led the way.  #strong 

Green Machine and Crazy Train (products of DH) were out there blazing again as well.  DH must be performing his own bootcamps at home.  Hope the game went well Saturday night!

Speilberg, we’ve certainly missed ya and hopefully this wasn’t your 1 and only annual post.

As always, the PAX was strong today and everyone outperformed.  It’s always an honor to get to lead such a fine group of young men and today showed how far we’ve come as a group.


Next week is Drop Thrill’s innaugural Q.  You sure don’t want to miss this beat down and session of PAIN.  Look forward to seeing everyone again.

Prayer Requests:

Please keep HB’s aunt and DT’s mom, and their families, in your thoughts and prayers as they’re going through some difficult times.  It’s never easy when facing these challenges but please continue to pray and keep them in your thoughts.

And with that, it’s a wrap!

Until next time, ZIP is OUT!

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The Late Show
The Late Show
9 years ago

The tribal beads didn’t help. Still hurt Sunday morning (and a little bit on Monday!) But it was a blast!! My chest and legs were not happy when they saw that my Monday training session included 5 rounds of 20 pushups/squats. And btw EE: Dude’s name is Pedro Cerrano.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Great beatdown with the pre-beatdown, er, beatdown. I wondered why I was so tired on Stairway until Swiss reminded me I had done the kettle bell workout too. #smoked

I think I’ll save up energy this week for my Q. #excited

Double E
9 years ago

This was a smoker of a workout today gents. Confusion was running rampant when the Q called the Peeker Parker and the Parker Peeker during COP as well. Not sure what that was all about but Great workout Q’s! F3 has been a life changer for me and I am proud to be a part of such a great group of men @ Outland every Saturday morning! Here’s to the beginning of another Great Year!!!

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