• When:08/13/14
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: The Pax: Gummy (FNG The Maul), Haggis, M. Tussauds (WB) (KB), Run Stopper, Mic Check (KB), The Worm (WD) (KB), Lugie (KB), Outback, Chiptole, Mr. Freeze, Fish Taco, Frasier (KB), Hoffa.


Posted on behalf on Frasier.
13 of the best that SOB had to offer came for a little pain.  All that was required was a strong will and determination.  As luck would have it this group had both.
The disclaimer was given and then we got to it.
YHC is not big on a long warm up so we ran twenty feet and did 10 burpees OYO.  Mosey across the street to the top of the Mudderhorn.  10 more burpess OYO.
Mosey down to the bottom of the Mudderhorn and partner up.  Size and speed do not matter.
Three pain stations.  40 jump squats, 40 flutters and 40 bicep curls with a rock.  Partner one runs to the first station and while partner two does merkins.  Flap jack.
Plank until everyone returns.
Rinse and repeat.  40 knee ups, 40 dollies and 40 tricep extensions with a rock.  Partner one does the pain station while partner two does merkins.
Plank till everyone has completed the set.
Rinse and repeat almost.  40 squats, 40 Russian twist with a rock.  Partner one does the pain station while partner two alternates between LBCs and Freddie Mercury.
Plank till everyone has returned.
Two lines for a slow Indian run up the Mudderhorn.  Watch out for the cars!
Plank till the Pax regroups in the parking lot.
Jack Web until time is up.  I believe we made to seven merkins/28 press ups.
Great job out of everyone today.  Not too much complaining by the Pax.  The merkins were hard by the end but for those of you doing the challenge hopefully you got close to the number this morning.
Gummy and Run Stopper were leading the charge today followed close by Mic Check’s group.  It was great seeing Gummy out for the first time.  Sorry if we did too many merkins.
Mr. Freeze pushed hard the whole time.  Good job brother.
Everyone ran the Mudderhorn like they belonged on a BRR team so next year sign up.  We should have least six teams the way I see SOBs run each week!
I always appreciate the chances to lead and it was an honor.
Contact Champagne if you are interested in helping with the new Area 51 tutoring/mentoring #makeadifference
Third F opportunity every Wednesday starting next Wednesday at 12:00 in the Bojangles food complex at Southpark.  The book is called Don’t Waste Your Life.

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