Meathead Cardio…Proving the Concept

  • When:08/14/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Probation, Fireman Ed, Gullah, Banannas, Brown, Chanel, Semi Gloss, Wolfman, The Hoff QIC

Meathead Cardio…Proving the Concept

9 Men seeking to find their Extra Gear came to Meatheads today and crushed it Kettle Bell and Gear Style in an effort to prove the concept…that Meatheads belong in F3, that we kill HIIT Cardio and love moving heavy gear.

The Thang:

SSH x 30 (in cadence 60 reps)

     – During set, THC called out “Burpees” and Pax had to drop and perform Burpees x 7, then continue SSH

     – RInse and repeat 3 Cycles

Non-Stop KB Movements with Stations of Pain

 – Partner Up; P1 Selects Any KB movement and performs it non-stop until P2 finished Implement

 – YHC demonstrated Figure 8’s, Snatch, Rack, Rack w. Press, Single and Double Arm KB Swing, Goblet Squats, Press, Bicep and Tricep Curls, Around the World, etc.  Basically Pax had to pick any of these

– 10 Gear/Cardio/Power Strength Stations


1) 200 Meter Sprint

2) Farmer Carry (2) 45lbs Kettle Bells x 70 yards

3) Jump Rope

4) Sled Pull 60 yards 115lbs (metal on metal on the ground so drag resistance was extremely tough)

5) Parachute Sprint 140 yards

6) Hair Burners 50 yards with 35lb

7) 88Lbs Kettle Bell Dead Lifts

8) 35lbs Medicine Call Squat Throws – Single Bounce Catch-to-Squat-to-Throw x 40 yards

9) Dumbell Bicep Curls

10) Rope Pull Ups

Sled Circle: Pax calls exercises

– Form up into circle with Kettle Bells

– P1 calls out exercise for Pax to perform

– P1 runs with weight sled around perimeter of Pax Circle

– When P1 gets back passes off to P2 and P2 calls exercise while running sled around circle

– Rinse and Repeat until all 9 have gone

Exercises included: Goblet Squats, Alternating Snatch (nice one Banannas), Kettle Bell Press , High Pulls, Upright Row, KB Swing, Single Arm Swings, KB Press, Russian Twists


Daisy Dukes x 20 in cadence

Flutter Kicks x 40 in cadence



Kettle Bells and Gear was in full effect today.  I am not sure which of the stations was the hardest because just when we thought we’d get a break, we move to the next station and tackle something even harder.  OUTSTANDING EFFORT out there this morning.  The men out here today were completely owned it as we are trying to prove the concept that HIIT train ing is better for your cardio vascular health, fat buring and strength gains than just strapping on shoes and jogging.

Long Running…”Drawbacks Galore

“When you perform conventional cardio for long periods of time, it’s been found to deteriorate muscle tissue and decrease testosterone levels. That’s bad, obviously, but things get even worse. A recent study in The American Journal of Physiology found that steady-state cardio decreases the ability of muscles to absorb glucose after training.”

Sorry for the late post, just been really busy with work today.  Please comment in the section below if you saw something worth opening a discussion about.

Again, Thank you for the honor of leading such a strong group of men.

Respectfully,The Hoff



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9 years ago

Best workout around. Tops on my rotation. Great Q Hoff

9 years ago

Great Q Hoff! Loved all the gear even though I came close to Merlot Spillage on more than one occasion. The combination of the Farmer Carry, Weighted Sled Pull, Parachute Run and Hairburner left a lasting impression for days to come.

On a side note, I can do without the Daisy Duke exercise forever!

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