Church Picnic

  • When:08/11/14
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Mr. Drummond, Hammer, Outback, Runstopper, Catfish, Hamlet, Tardy, Barrier, Serengeti, Brushback, Love Bug, Field of Dreams, One Eye, World Tour, Egypt, Jamboree, Late Start, Yinz, Eye Chart, Kirk, Film Festival, Mr. Green, Steinbrenner, Rashard, Bono, Gummy (QIC)

Church Picnic

26 men assembled in the mist. The satellite watch says 5:30. Let’s go.

Run around the church next door and assemble in the parking lot.
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Peter Parker x 15 (hold it)
Parker Peter x 15

Mosey up to the courtyard
Jump-ups, Dips, Derkins x 5 each, then run the shorter loop around the church. Repeat with 10x, 15x and 20x with a lap between each set.

Mary in the courtyard
LBCs, Flutter, Dolly

Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot
Triple Nickels: Run up the hill to the big planter, 5 HR Merkins. Back down the hill, 5 burpees. Repeat 5 times total.

Mary in the parking lot
Rosalita, LBC, Protractor, Russian Twist

Mosey back to the courtyard, partner up
Partner 1 runs the big loop around the church. Partner 2 does exercise. Flapjack.
Squat jumps, Merkins, Lunges, CDDs

Back to the park for COT.


We covered almost 3 miles this morning and never left the church parking lot. Proof that you can get in a good workout anywhere. I had a nice discussion with Brushback before we got started about all the great options around the DMZ AO for a workout. Carmel Park, the school, RTS, Pellyn Wood, etc. Or we could spend the whole 45 min in the church parking lot.
Thanks to Kirk and Runstopper for covering for me as I led from the middle of the pack. They didn’t let the front runners catch their breath for long before starting some Mary or Plank-o-rama. There wasn’t much enthusiasm for the jump squats or lunges (audibled down from Sister Mary Catherines) – I think everyone’s legs were dead by then. Mine were.
Thanks for the opportunity to lead at DMZ – first time Q there. I was nervous because there are some fast guys there, and I don’t know a lot of them. I didn’t get the heckling that I normally get down south, so thanks for taking it easy on me.

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Eye Chart
Eye Chart
9 years ago

Great Q, nicely balanced 45 minutes. Thanks for leading.


9 years ago

Solid beatdown, Gummy. I’m not sure if most guys’ shirts were more wet from sweat, or the light rain that fell on us, but something tells me it’s the former.

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