Rebel Yell Introduces The Murderhorn Challenge

  • When:08/07/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Strawberry, Parfait, Semi Gloss, Radar, Purple Haze, Boomer Sooner, Turkey Leg, Drop Box, Beaker, Crab Cake, Heartbreaker, Garbage Plate

Rebel Yell Introduces The Murderhorn Challenge

13 pax were feeling lucky this morning, ready to forever cement their F3 handle in the record books for the 1st ever #Murderhorn Challenge.  It was very apparent from the beginning that not many read the pre-blast after YHC gave updated instructions.  Those shallow, empty stares were priceless.

The Thang

#Murderhorn – a lot of #Murderhorn with 20 hand release merkins at the bottom and 10 regular merkins at the top.  Repeat until 6:10ish. That was it.  Easy, right?


Loved the effort out there this morning guys.  Thank you for participating.  What is not to love about a work out with almost zero mumble chatter?  #potkettleblack YHC wasn’t sure how many would show especially if you read the pre blast.  13 was a solid number.  Again great effort!  Some commentary below and feel free to add:

Congrats to Turkey Leg for absolutely smoking the field and crowning himself as the Murderhorn Challenge Champion.  Unofficial results had TL completing 10.5 laps.  And that was his 1st time ever on Murderhorn.  Which was probably a blessing.

Great work by Heartbreaker today.  It wasn’t long ago brother that you would pull a Spackler special and #refusnik the Murderhorn.  You trudged on today.  Strong effort.

Notables include Boomer Sooner (eh hum .Mud Run teammate) and Purple Haze.  You guys weren’t far behind TL.

Radar never likes to lose.  Claimed he was going to try and win this thing last night as long as Frasier didn’t show up.  Frasier didn’t show.  What happened?? #bourbon

20 hand release never hurt so good.

Thank you Semi Gloss.  For keeping your shirt on.

The next challenge will take place in the near future. And it will depart at 5:15 for a full HOUR of #Murderhorn.  Not kidding.  #yourwelcome

Great send off by our #sitechaplain Purple Haze.  Thank you brother.


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Purple Haze
9 years ago

This one sucked brother. And the full hour sounds like a terrible idea. But I’m in.

TL was crushing it this AM. I took off for my last time up as he was nearing the bottom…he yelled to me he was right on my six. Made me bust it up that last time so he wouldn’t catch me. It hurt. A lot.

Strong effort by all, especially Heartbreaker. In something like this, it’s really you vs the hill and the demons inside your head…and nobody mailed it in.

9 years ago

Good work out there today boys. It sounded rough. I was taking easy by just running.

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