I do WHAT with that sweaty guy’s legs???

  • When:8/7/14
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Insomniac, Blue Grass, Strange Brew, Dora, Whitesnake, Header, Dunder, Lost, Binary, Freedom, Winter Place, Geordi (Matthew Lindsey) FNG, Milk Truck, Gutter, Turnpike, Hair Band, Rip Curl, Quint, Slim Fast

I do WHAT with that sweaty guy’s legs???

20 PAX shunned sipping coffee on their verandas in order to deplete their O2 supplies at Peak 51.  After being cased by Matthews finest, we ensured our cars were in marked parking spaces, then made our way to the lower parking lot.

The Thang:
Mosey to parking lot for COP (of course after a disclaimer)
5 burpees OYO
20 SSH
20 IW
10 Merkins
20 Slow Squats
10 MC
5 burpees OYO

Move to bottom of parking lot:
Run 3 lines then sprint to top of parking lot – repeat coming back
Run 3 lines then run backward to top of parking lot – repeat coming back
Run 3 lines then lunge walk to top of parking lot – repeat coming back
Run 3 lines, bear crawl to light pole, then sprint to top of parking lot – repeat coming back

Mosey to steps for 2 Sets of:
Dips (x10), Incline Merkins (x10), Step Ups (x20)

Mosey to track
Pair up for partner laps with called exercises at 4 stations:
Station 1:  Prairie Fire Mary x 15 (5 each way)
Station 2:  Partner shoulder press x5
Station 3:  Partner decline merkins x5
Station 4:  Elbow Plank fist pumps x10

Everyone completed 2-3 laps

Finished with LBC x 20, and Dolly x 20

Great work out there this morning.  Strangebrew was wearing his ruck, and I his pace on the backwards run was amazing!  Freedom and Whitesnake were pushing it hard… and it is great to have the guys that are celebrating their 1-week anniversary… Dunder, Lost, Milk Truck, and Gutter.

Turnpike, Welcome to Charlotte… and good to see Quint out after a lengthy hiatus.  Binary was also bringing it strong.

Welcome again to FNG Geordi who brought his space-inspired visor, and then managed to crack the screen on his iPhone doing Mary.  I told him all claims should be made through Dora…

1.  Final F3 Dads Saturday 9:00 at Col Beatty Park.
2.  Mud Run sign ups still open
3.  Check out pre-blast for Friday night at VFW in Plaza Midwood to hear war stories.  Check out under Events.

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9 years ago

Sorry to miss this one Slim Fast. Glad to see last weeks posse if FNG’s was back out there. Good work guys!

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