The Rise of the Merkinator

  • When:08/06/14
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Busch, Geraldo, Semi Gloss, Lazy boy, Gummy, Cotton Mouth, Joker, Schnitzel, Pudding Pop, Purple Haze, Pin Stripes, Sanka, Scratch and Win, Donkey Kong, Run Stopper, Turkey Leg, Stu Stu Studio(respect), Bulldog, Spackler, Fireman Ed Q

The Rise of the Merkinator

20 men stepped up this morning and got on the moist grass of the shockers football field for a beat down by Merkinator

 Warm up:

 Mosey to the front of the school:

30 X SSH

20 X IW

20 X Squats

10 X merkins

10 X MC


Mosey down to the football field:

 Line up on the end line for some 1 whistle jog and 2 whistle sprint, end line to end line

Up and down the field 7.5 times, with plank and LBC breaks in between.  I think I saw Busch blazing by everyone on this one.  Excellent work

 Break up into three groups single file at end line for some tunnel of love for 40 yards


Circle up:  for the Merkinator

Basically a starfish with 15 merkins in each corner of the football field and 20 squats in the middle

Corner 1 regular merkins,  Corner 2 close grip merkins, Corner 3 wide grip merkins, corner 4 hindu merkins

Go hard for 20 mins

Some strong performances, 


Circle up for some Mary;

20 X Freddie Mercury

20 X Sid the kid,  10 each way

15 X Heels to Heaven


 Great job today pax, tried to help you get some merkins in for those of you doing the challenge. Impressive job with all those merkins, next time we will have to do the merkinator for longer.  Hope everyone enjoyed the tunnel of love, I guess I will have to get better with directions.  Thanks for the honor of letting me Q, my first a DV.   I really enjoyed it. 



 Meat head starts tomorrow Elizabeth lane elementary

Happy Hour at vintners today

F3 dads Saturday

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