Preblast – Devil’s Turn – Tempo Run

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Preblast – Devil’s Turn – Tempo Run

Yep, tempo day again at the ‘Turn. We will be headed to the South Charlotte Middle School track and back.

We will start promptly at 5:15 am from the greenway parking lot at the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place for the warmup jog toward the school. After a 1 mile warmup, we will accelerate to tempo pace, reach the school, and circle the track until each person needs to leave to return to the parking lot by 6:10 am.

Look up your “Marathon” training pace at ¬†After the warmup, keep it pegged on that or faster for at least the next 40 min (blue pill) or until you return to the parking lot (red pill).

If you need help calculating when to leave the track, see the progressive difficulty matrix.


If you require even more help, see Bratwurst’s benchmark for most descriptive preblast.¬†

See you in the gloom!

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