Kettle Bell Mania

  • When:08/5/14
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Semigloss, Chanel, Mallcop, Bulldog, Busch, Radar, Probation, Cottonmouth, Crabcake, Fireman Ed, HairBand, HorseHead, Wabbit, BlueGrass, YoungLove, NightCourt, Puddin Pop, Sussidio, Brown, Sanka, Fletch (QIC)

Kettle Bell Mania

21 Men answered the Bell this morning at Skunkworks ready to do work.

The Thang: Following the disclaimer it went something like this…
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem and Mosey
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem Right Arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Rackem Left Arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Mosey to lower Lot for COP

SSH x 25IC
MountainClimbers over Bell x20IC
Stagger Merkin Rt on Bell x 15
Stagger Merkin Lt on Bell x 15

Set One:
Halos x20
Figure 8’s w/Biceps Curl x20
One Arm Swings x 20 Each Arm
Run the Loop around to Stairs

Set Two:
Snatch & Press x 20
Overhead Triceps Ext x 20
Squat Jerk x 20
Run the Loop

Set Three:
Good Mornings w/Bell x 20
One Arm Rows X20 Each Arm
Crusher Curls x20
Run the Loop

Repeato sets 1 thru 3

Set Four:
Merkins x25
Goblet Squat x 20
Two Handed Swings x20
Run the Loop

Rack em and Mosey back to start
25 Merkins OYO – Right arm High
25 Merkins OYO – Left Arm High
25 Merkins OYO
Cirlce up for 2 minutes of Mary – Flutter with Kettlebell Press x 15IC

Thank you to Harley for the opportunity to Q Skunkworks – one of my favorites. The goal today was a total body workout, keeping the heart rate elevated w/very little running. Since many of the pax enduring the 10K merkin challenge, thought it was a good idea to knock out 200 or so in the midst of lots of kettlebell work. Not sure about everyone else but my merkin muscles have been shaking all day. Guys were killing it out there this morning with too many Larry Birds to name. I will point out that Fireman Ed and Radar seemed to be completing their Kettlebell Routines well ahead of the pax which led to discussions of whether or not they were weilding Hollow or Carbon Fiber Kettlebells. Nice work gents. Solid effort by each and everyone this morning. It is incredible to see how strong many of the A51 pax have become this year – the hardwork is really paying off.
There was some chatter early on in the workout which seemed to taper off as the swings, presses, merkins and squats began to mount. One of the gems that I heard had something to do with the pax remaining in a circle while completing squat jerks…I’ll let you decide where it went from there.
Thank you Busch for taking us out this morning and for reminding us of what is truly important.
New Kettlebell Workout launches this Thursday at 5:30am from Elizabeth Lane Elementary.

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Hair Band
9 years ago

Great Q this morning, I have been on & off at SW the past few weeks due to family being in town so I really felt it today… And will probably continue to feel it for a few days still.

Good to get back out there for a solid beatdown!

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