#F3Swift – Rolling in the Deep Dark

  • When:08/05/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Abacus, Champagne, M. Tussauds, Mister Bean, Outback, Strange Brew, Wing-%20-Man, Bratwurst

#F3Swift – Rolling in the Deep Dark

Swift launched at 0515 with 8 PAX from the Ballantyne AO at the Vine Restaurant on Tuesday morning.


  • Warm-up 1.1mi to entrance of Ballantyne CC (Ballantyne Commons at Ballantyne Meadows).  Light stretch.
  • Through the neighborhood over the next 3.1mi, run continual rounds of 2min Hard (1min recover to six), 1 min Hard (30sec recover to six), and 30sec Hard (30sec recover to six).
  • Cool-down 1.4mi back to the AO.
  • Total was 5.7mi for the six.  More if you ran back to six for recovery.

The Moleskin:

  • “Hard” pace is a 2mile Race Pace or “Interval” pace that you can get from the Pace Calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator.  Normally, we would run longer Intervals at this pace, but this workout shortens the normal recovery after “Interval” pace (typically jogging 1 minute LESS than the interval that lasted 3-5 minutes) so that the Hard pace effect is enhanced.  Just using “Hard” as a barometer is also easier for anyone not wearing a Pace/Distance gizmo, and also better for running the workout over varying terrain like we did today when it doesn’t make sense to try hold a constant pace.
  • The Ballantyne CC is very dark in places.  Is that good for security?  Anyway, it makes it a challenge to see roadhumps and undulations.  Fortunately, the PAX made it through unscathed and tried not to wake too many neighbors.
  • The Ballantyne CC is very hilly, but if the #BRR folks were rating the 5+ mile run today, they might rate it Moderate. or Easy. #justsayin
  • Great to have Swift FNGs (or second timers) Wing%20Man and Champagne.  Champagne was absolutely bringing it today and you would not have guessed that he was a Swift Rookie – even if he forgot the calf condoms today.
  • Strange Brew posted for his first run following his marathon that was a little over 8 days ago #whatsyourexcuse?
  • M. Tussauds explained that the regularity of Swift is finally helping his overall speed.  Apparently, he is following Haggis’s advice that you get faster by “hurting more”.


  • Do you wear a Garmin or other Speed/Distance gizmo at Swift?  Well, join Strava.com (it’s free) and you can get a social side to your workouts by joining challenges, analyzing your workouts versus previous efforts, and a lot of other great stuff.  The Garmin to Strava sync has been recently enhanced, so check it out here: https://strava.zendesk.com/entries/48729094

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9 years ago

Hated to miss this. Nursing groin injury (I think or hope that’s all it is). Hope to be back out there soon.

9 years ago

Hated to miss this. Nursing groin injury (I think or hope that’s all it is). Hope to be back out there soon.

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