Running Rocks

  • When:08/02/2014
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Furley, Lab Rat, Mall Cop, Runstopper, Ninja Turtle, Deep Dish, Cadillac, Free Clinic, Chelms, Wingman, Gummy (QIC)

Running Rocks

11 men of the Southland gathered on a cool, August morning.

Run to the field in front of the church
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Peter Parker x 15
Parker Peter x 15
Slow Squats x 15

The Thang
Mosey to the top of The North Face, partner up
Partner 1 runs up the driveway, left at the trees, left down the hill and up the North Face. Partner 2 does exercise. Flapjack. Repeat for 4 exercises:
Merkins, Squats, CDDs, Lunges

Mosey to the church. Grab some wall.
Alternating People’s Chair, BTW for a few minutes. Hey, I’ve never noticed those picnic tables before. 30 dips, 20 incline merkins, 10 derkins.

Mosey to the top of the hill at the back entrance.
Triple Nickels – 5 jump squats at the bottom of the hill, 5 merkins at the top, 5 times down and up the hill.

Mosey to the rock pile. Select a manly rock. Circle up for exercises. Rotate to the left after each one.
Curls, Tricep extensions, overhead press, squats, teabag, bench press, hold the rock out with straight arms in front of you.

Rejoin your partner, select the larger of your two rocks. Chasers around the church. Partner 1 grabs rock and takes off clockwise around the church. Partner 2 does 10 merkins and chases partner 1. When caught, partner 1 does 10 merkins and partner 2 takes off with the rock. Repeat until you get back to rock pile. Return rocks to their homes.

Circle up for a little Mary. Flutter, Dolly, LBCs.

Split into two groups and line up on the starting line. 3 sprints to the lightpost and back. Groups alternate for recovery between sprints. 2 sprints to the grassy median. 1 sprint to the really far away incomplete light post base.


I love the Calvary AO. So many options to inflict pain. We stayed on one half of the campus today and never got bored. Great work by the PAX today. We covered 3 miles, all in sprint form, mostly on hills. No 10 counts – rest came in the People’s Chair or Mary. Chelms and Runstopper were getting after it on all the runs. Cadillac hit the turbo button on the sprints, but I’m not sure his shorts stayed clean. Not good. Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to Ninja Turtle (16). I worked out with him twice this week – the kid gets it done.

Mud Run signups are still open.
BRR teams need drivers.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Great Q Gummy. North Face is the perfect name for that hill. Was looking for someone to throw down a rope on my last circuit so I could pull myself up.

Cadillac is getting stronger (I used to never see him until COT) so it’s time to raise my game a notch. Unfortunately, speed is not one of my strong points so he probably will have the edge on the first few sprints from now on. However, I will be around for the full game so winning the last few sprints is my goal.

RS makes his son get out of bed so he can “win” the partner races – hard to out-run a 16 (almost) year old. However, I’ll point out that Cadillac came on strong up North Face on the last lap and took the checkered flag (Ninja Turtle decided to lay down right before the finish line).

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