The Fog of … Olde Providence

  • When:07/26/14
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Blitzen, Bubbles, Whitesnake, Matador, Lumbergh (FNG - Will M.)

The Fog of … Olde Providence

6 brave pax fought off the allure of the fartsack and endured the enveloping fog for a recycled Weinke from a fill-in Q. Here is how we bonded for 60 minutes:

The Thang

Mosey to near field for COP:

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Slow Squats
  • Lunges across field
  • Toy Soldiers across field

Mosey to Playground for Declining Sets (10 -> 1):

  • Jump Squats
  • Pullups (or Supine Pullups/Rows)
  • Decline Merkins

After 10 -> 6, audible to catch our breath with Plank-o-rama:

  • Both elbows – 45 sec hold
  • Left elbow – 30 sec hold
  • Right elbow – 30 sec hold
  • CCV (Cumberland County Viaduct) – Left – 10 IC
  • CCV – Right – 10 IC
  • Both elbows – 30 sec hold

Declining Sets (continued, 5 -> 1)

  • Jump Squats
  • Pullups (or Supine Pullups/Rows)
  • Decline Merkins

Mosey to Concession Stand, with lunge walk along the way

Declining Sets (21 – 15 – 9)

  • Step Ups
  • Incline Merkins
  • Butterfly Situps

Mosey to Outfield

  • Burpee Broad Jumps – 7
  • Prairie Fire Mary – 7
  • Jack Webb – to 6/24

Mary (part 1)

  • Mason Twist
  • Stop-motion Freddie Mercury   #crowdpleaser
  • LBC’s

Agility (foul line to center field and back)

  • Karaoke – Left & Right
  • Backpeddle – there and back
  • Side Shuffle – Left & Right

Mary (part 2)

  • Dolly
  • Flutter
  • Protractor
  • Plank – 60 sec finisher




  • Young Life Mud Run
  • F3 Dad’s Camp
  • F3 Dad’s “workouts”
  • Moderate workouts – Monday’s Basecamp; Thursday’s Peak 51; Saturday’s Ascent (here)
  • 1st anniversary of F3 Ascent is next Saturday – YHC (High Tide) on Q


Great work out there today! Welcome to FNG Lumberg (Will M), who found us on his own #noEHrequired. Fantastic work on your first post with us. T-claps to Whitesnake who has already lost 1 pound per post (8) since beginning F3. Keep it up, brother! And strong work by all.

Couple of appearances by Larry Bird, aka Blitzen and Bubbles, at times today – we need you guys in the Q rotation at Ascent! Let me know your availability, and we’ll get you on the schedule!

The fog today made it almost unbearable at times. During COP, we couldn’t even see our cars less than 100 yards away! YHC had to audible for Plank-o-rama during our Decling Sets on the Playground just to let us catch our breath in the 100% humidity. Brutal.

Thanks, Blitzen, for taking us out and reminding us of the roles we each play, beyond our 1st F workouts.

Sound off in the comments with any other tidbits missed.

It was an honor, as always, to lead today.


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9 years ago

Enjoyed this one. Brutal exercises (Jack Webbs! Prairie Fire Mary!) with plenty of breaks to question my sanity, get to know the others, question their sanity, etc.

Pretty certain I lost another pound in sweat alone (hooray humidity!).

See y’all this Saturday.


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