Park & Ride

  • QIC: Tiger Rag
  • The PAX: The Mouth, Alf, Stage Coach, Dead Lift, Flipper, Lab Rat, Mall Cop, Donkey Kong, Night Court

Park & Ride


Grab a bell or two and mosey to the top of the hill at Entrance 4 just under the Park & Ride sign (with a rest stop for a quick warm up). Take 1/2 lap around the church lot.

Park: 25 two-handed swings (x2)

Ride: Run 1/2 mile loop

Park: Switch to a bigger bell–25 two-handed swings (x2).

Ride: Run 1/2 mile loop

Park: 25 two-handed swings (x3)

Ride: Run 1/2 mile loop

Farmer Carry KBs up and down Entrance 4 (x2)

Shuttle Runs

  • 300 yard (6 x 50) shuttle run.  Three times.
  • 150 yard (6 x 25) shuttle run.  Three times.

Mosey home with KB.


It’s BRR training season so even if you’re not running the BRR, you’re probably going to be running because of the other guys doing the BRR.  The only reliable non-running Qs these days may be Brown (committed 0.0, from way back); Salt Lick (busted wheel); Chelms (scurvy or rickets or something) and Mall Cop (depending on which shoes he’s wearing).  Most every other Q s lacing up the smokeboots, so be warned.

The interspersed swings were sort of rest and sort of keeping the legs tired, as well as a way to distract everyone that we were doing a lot of running.  Stage Coach looked mighty comfortable swinging that 28 kg, while Alf, Lab Rat, Donkey Kong, Mouth and Stage Coach all put in strong showings on the 1/2 mile circuits.

Have been wanting to work in the shuttle runs for a while and they serve well as a tough finisher. Maybe too well, as Nightcourt busted it so hard we almost had to farmer carry him back to COT.



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