The Road Less Traveled / Pass The Ruck!

  • QIC: Double E, Hairband
  • The PAX: Zip-A-Dee, Drop Thrill, Glass Joe, Snowman, Situation, PrimeTime (2.0 FNG), Double E (Qic), Hairband (Qic), Belly Flop (2.0)

The Road Less Traveled / Pass The Ruck!

9 Strong arrived in the Foggy Gloom ready to tackle the beast of the #F3Outland.  Hairband’s family accounted for half of the PAX as many of the regulars were enjoying a little time away #NEWJERSEYINTHEHOUSE!  F3 is how we roll down south, let’s begin:

Pre-Work – 6:00am

Zip led the way for the “Halfway Home” 3.5 miler to get the party started followed by Glass Joe and Double E.

The Thang (Double E on Q)

Mosey to SF (Thank you CT) for Warmup!
SSH x 25 IC
IW x 20 IC
10 x Burpees – For Snowman arriving EARLY!
CDD x 20 IC
MC x 20

Mosey toward Facilities Building and what do we find along the way?  A sweet Disc Golf Disc.  New toy .. Let’s Play.

Double E throws disc and PAX chase
Once at Disc 25 x Merkins
Rethrow , Chase, 30 LBC OYO
Rethrow, how convenient … dip bars, 10 x dips OYO
Rethrow to Facilities building for a little PC w/ Air Presses x 20 IC

Next up, The Spider Man
Half of PAX on Wall, half shifting planks and rotate on/off wall
After Round 1 complete, 30 Speed Squats
Repeato BTW Wall walks / Shifting Planks in opposite direction


¼ mile sprint to “The Road Less Traveled”  (Mary while all PAX Catch Up included –Dollies, Flutters, Bicycles)
(and by the end it was Dead Men walking on the Green Mile!)

It went something like this:
10 x Walking Lunges
10 x Burpees
10 x Walking Lunges
25 x Merkins
10 x Walking Lunges
35 x Slow Squats
10 x Walking Lunges
15 x Bomb Jacks
10 x Walking Lunges
25 x Merkins
10 x Walking Lunges
10 x Burpees

Seriously O2 deprived, It is a great time to hand the reigns over to HB!!

Let’s do it!
Slow mosey to get some 02 back in the lungs.
Enough of that…
Karaoke right (audible for Belly Flop)
Karaoke left

Circle up on side of school for some quick Double E led plank work while I pick up a coupon which was a 2nd 2 brick ruck for the 2.0’s I asked Drop Thrill to drop his ruck in the middls and then gave some quick instructions on the ruck sack and why Drop Thrill has been lugging the thing around for a few weeks. I could picture Dora & the Spearhead guys with a smile on their faces while this was going on.

Time for “Pass the ruck”, simple I thought it would be good for everyone to get a little taste of a ruck.
Somebody put on the ruck and we all do the following pain stations:
Rail slides
Step ups/jump ups x 20
Dips x 30
Once the PAX with the ruck completes one circuit he drops the ruck in the middle for the next PAX, we keep this up until everyone has had a turn with the ruck.

Once everyone was done a quick mosey to the wall for some more ruck fun.
PAX at the end does 5 squat presses with the ruck while other PAX are on the wall doing People chairs. After the 5 squat presses you hand the ruck to the next guy and get on the wall. This continued until the ruck made it to the end of the line, which took a lot longer than I, or my legs, wanted it to.

Drop the ruck for some quick Mary, 20 LBC’s on your own and that’s time!

Moleskine :

Great Job this morning in the Gloom as the PAX were ready to strap it on and let it rip.  The morning Pre-run proved once again that Zip is living up to his name!  Great Job changing the run course to the main curvy road in the dense fog #HISSOCKSWILLGUIDEUS.  Also great to see the HB clan back out in full effect.  They are all planning on moving down from NJ strictly due to their love of F3Outland #seriousEH.

Also Great to have DT back with us beginning to look more and more like Super Man every week! Praise report his Mom is doing much better and is home now and way to close us out this morning in prayer.

Solid beatdown all around and strong work by all.
The Red Light and Blue is coming up in August for Drop Thrill and I (HB) am looking at doing a GORUCK Light in November if there is any interest.

Watching Prime Time running back to the cars through the fog while carrying Old Glory was an unexpected cool moment and could have only been more patriotic with some PAX behind him and Countertop doing his PT Cadence.

It is always a pleasure to sweat with our F3 Brothers on Saturday Morning!



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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Excellent beatdown gents. Stupid sinus infection is my kryptonite these days it seems. 😀

Excited and a bit scared about the light, but I will do it or it will do me. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

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