Triage in the Garage

  • When:07/22/14
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: (23) Philmont, Chipotle, Peaches, Mr Bean, Outback, Yogurt. Turnpike, Sunrise, Bratwurst, Garbage Plate, Morning After, Mermaid, Stump Hugger, Brushback, Escargot, Abacus, Puppy Love, Briskett, Brushback, Clouse, Tootie, 2 FNG's (Parfait & Knob Hill)

Triage in the Garage

About half of us (13) headed to the garage for a Triage in the Garage brought back from a cold winter day. No real reason for it, just tired of running around the lake I guess.

Warmups: SSH X 25, Merkins X 15 (30 total), Squats X 20. Mosey to the garage.

The theme was to sprint to each level and do 3 exercises (20 reps) followed by burpees (5-10 reps) with variations of merkins, abs, and legs. 6 different stations or levels in the garage for 18 total sets plus 5 sets of burpees (3 x 5 reps; 1 x 7 reps of man-maker burpees, and 1 x 10 reps of man-maker burpees). The 18 total sets were split among 6 sets of various merkins, legs, and abs.

Merkins: Man-makers (merkins with rotating arm-high planks), Peter Parker merkins, diamonds, wide, narrow, regular.  Legs: Reverse lunges, jump squats, people’s chair with leg raises and overhead press (2 sets), squats, jump lunges.  Abs: LBC, 1-leg Dolly, Flutter, Bicycle, Heels to Heaven, Mason Twist

Mosey back to parking lot with speed bumps. 50 Merkins (5 X 10) in between sprints to speed bumps.

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