Preblast: Devil’s Turn Tempo – Revisited (with a twist)

  • When:07/24/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee

Preblast: Devil’s Turn Tempo – Revisited (with a twist)

You guessed it, tomorrow is Tempo day again at Devil’s Turn.  We leave at 5:15 from the greenway parking lot at the corner of Rea Rd. and Bevington Place.  Arrive early for some dynamic stretching action.

I would write more of a preblast, but there is really no topping what Bratwurst did here…  The man is precise.

However, I promised a twist… wait for it… wait for it… We will circle the track clockwise!  That’s right, we will be turning right instead of continually turning left.

BOOM, minds now blown!

Circling the track in the other direction will allow us a chance to get ITBS in our left knees instead of our right.  And no, that is not irritable bowel syndrome.

See you in the gloom!


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