Torso Torture

  • When:7/21/14
  • QIC: Salt Lick
  • The PAX: Fish Taco, Old Tannenbaum, Joker, Alf, Floor Slapper, Chipotle, Coal Miner's Daughter (WD), Bessie, Muffin Man (FNG Mike Drury), Jellyfish, Clown Car, Salt Lick (QIC)

Torso Torture

12 pax braved the 110% humidity and stagnant air to endure a torso beatdown which included many beloved favorites.

The Thang:

Mosey to Parking area for warm up

Imperial Walker x 20
Merkins x 15
SSH x 20
Arm and back stretch
Plank – 6 inches

Upper body beat down Pt. 1
Partner up
Do as many pull ups as you can do in 1 minute, flapjack
1 minute of dips
1 minute of incline merkins

10 pull ups, switch, for one minute
30 dips
1 minute of decline merkins

5 pull ups, switch, for one minute
25 dips
30 diamond merkins

Mosey to coupon storage area
Upper body beat down Pt deux

1 minute of curls
1 minute of shoulder presses
1 minute of tricep extensions


10 curls, 10 presses, 10 extensions
drop it
10 curls, 10 presses, 10 extensions

Mosey to wall
Wall squats with air presses
Lunge walk to curb and back

Wall squats with air presses
Lunge walk to curb

Circle up for cool down and stretch
Deep glute stretch
Toe touch stretch

Moleskine: After nearly two months on the bench, it was fantastic for YHC to hit the gloom and punish the pax. Prayers are welcomed for healing since YHC finds going to the YMCA a bit mundane after doing F3 for 2 years. Yes, there is a fern in the corner of the room and it does appear to be real. No it does not come close to absorbing all of the CO generated by a bunch of sweaty 40 somethings on the elliptical machines (YHC included).

There was much grunting and groaning and the occasional Joker crop dusting (what would the Matrix be without that?). Overall a good time was had by all.

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9 years ago

Nice Q Salt Lick and great to have you back out with us. Next time leave that stagnant humid air at home when you come. You must have wrote this back blast last night to get it out so quick. It’s taken me until now just to get my arms lifted up to the desk. Shampooing the hair took extra effort today.

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