The Funky Fox

  • When:07/11/2014
  • QIC: Mic Check
  • The PAX: Loogie, Rip Curl, Soft Pretzel, Teddy, Frehley's Comet, Market Timer, Mic Check

The Funky Fox

It was about time a little hip hop made its way to the Hole.  I borrowed Loogie’s speaker, turned the phone to Eminem on Pandora and away we went.   7 iron swinging homeboys got down today.

warm up with a mosey to the field, circle up

30 SSH – always seem to hurt a little first thing Monday morning.

25 IWS

Grab your bells, music on, let’s get the party started.

Eminem Set

30 2 hand swings

20 bent over rows, each arm

30 tricep extensions

20 clean and press, each arm

20 figure 8

30 standing overhead press

30 curls

Recovery Mosey to the end line and back

Jay Z Set

Repeato, increasing a few of the reps

Recovery Mosey the full length of the field and back

Kanye Set

Repeato increasing a few reps

Recovery Mosey to the end line and back

MARY with U2.  No it doesn’t fit the theme but I had to play something That Old Man Frehley would recognize.

20 flutter presses

20 dolly while holding KB up

1 minute elbow plank…..and done!

Ye Ole Moleskiney

Cozy strong group today.  Thanks guys for putting up with the music selection, I like a good angry Eminem song when I’m throwing weight around.  Great job by all.

Frehley will be subbing in for an injured Soft Pretzel tomorrow at Bagpipe, Wednesday Chipotle has the reigns at The Maul.




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