Twin Peaks Rising in RainTree

  • When:07/15/14
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Mr. Brady, SlimFast, Splinter, Turkey Leg, Hairball, Purple Haze, Chelms, Mall Cop, Hopper, Gummy, Alf, Blades of Glory, Bugeater, Stagecoach, Skywalker, Spackler, Fletch (QIC)

Twin Peaks Rising in RainTree

17 answered the bell this morning for another full hour of FastTwitch. Many of the pax suffered a beatdown yesterday at the MuthaShip but you wouldn’t know it the way they handled the endless hill cycles this morning. Pretty simple plan today – get in as much hill work as possible with some strength training to serve as “active recover”. Here is how it went down
At 5:15am Sharp – mosey to lower to parking lot to avoid the crowd of clipboarders about to convene at the track.
Circle up for proper disclaimer and allow time for a few folks to join us in the COP.
SSH X 30
Peter Parkers x 20
Hold it
Parker Peters x 20
Time to Run – Toward 51 – Right on 51 to Raintree – Right on Raintree – Left on SmokeRISE Hill Drive (plank until everyone arrives). Thanks to skywalker to making sure everyone made the left on SmokeRISE.
Hill Circuits: Run from Bottom to top of SmokeRISE around culdesac and back (complete 20 Merkins, 20 Squats 20 LBC) – Complete 5 circuits
Plankarama until all complete thier 5 circuits
Head left on Raintree – right on Rounding Run – Stop at RISING Meadow
HIll Circuits Part Deux: Run from Bottom to top of RISING Meadow around culdesac and back (complete 20 Wide Arm Merkins, 20 Alternating Lunges 20 Russian Twists) – Complete 3 circuits
Indian Run back to Parking Lot – w/no time to spare. Namarama and COT
Chelms took us out to begin our day Right.
– F3 MudRun Sign Ups Deadline is Today
– A51 High Vis Running Shirts will be coming soon

It was an absolute sweat bath out there today. The puddles that were forming at the bottom of SmokeRISE and RISING Meadow starting to merge together and run downstream. Great deal of iron sharpening out there this morning with many of the pax pushing themselves and others to complete the hill circuits. Not much chatter along the way this morning aside from the near mutiny that broke out when it was announced we were to do more hill repeats on Rising Meadow. T-claps to the pax that went back to back Muthaship/FastTwitch – you’ve each earned a much deserved midweek fartsack if you so choose. There were many of the pax pushing themselves to the limit to stay at the front of the pack – Mr Brady, Turkey Leg, Alf, HairBall, Splinter and Gummy to name a few. Haze got a second wind on Rising Meadow and was leading the pack for the final circuits. Chelms was grinding it out on a sore ankle and MallCop put in an herculean effort after getting there just as the pax were leaving the parking lot. Proud to be part of Area51 with so many of the pax getting stronger each week. It was an honor to lead at Fast Twitch.
All in we racked up 5 miles of ups and downs – 100 Merkins, 100 Squats, 100 LBC’s, 60 wide Merkins, 60 Lunges, 60 Russian Twists.

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9 years ago

I feel like I need to disclose that I only did half of the 4th lap on Smokerise and half of the 2nd lap on Rising Meadow. I don’t want anyone thinking I was anywhere near the others called out in the BB without cheating.

Great workout. I would’ve liked to try that one on fresh legs. Continuing past the peaks of those hills was a new kind of suck.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

Gummy – No need to disclose as you stopped in plain site and promptly turned around. Let’s see if Mall Cop gives some disclosure – his “rest” was shorter and less obvious but it happened.

Fletch – Great work but that SUCKED. I should have known not to come back off IR until it was my turn to Q so I could control the SUCK.

MM’ers – I know you have to experience it to understand it (blah, blah, blah) but how would you compare MM to FT this week?

9 years ago

Fletch – great work out there today. While suffering out there I decided to file a lawsuit against Nike. Dri-fit my arse! I felt like I was wearing a suit of water.

I would recommend against the MM/FT double down! It hurts unless you are a daily runner like some of the guys.

MM was harder than FT today. We did 6 (some more) climbs up the MS yesterday vs. 8 today. But the climb there is longer, steeper and I can definitely feel the circular movement of the run in my knees more. I didn’t spill merlot there yesterday, but I could see how it was likely. Also, I would say, based on previous BB posted, yesterday was not one of the hardest days at MM. They have hit 10+ climbs there with almost no “rest” for pain stations.

That being said – FT was 5+ miles of hills and that’s no joke.

9 years ago

First of all, I would be a big proponent for having a Twin Peaks in Raintree somewhere….the restaraunt that is.

Today was tough but knew it would be with Fletch at the helm. It took most of what I had to get out of bed today and face FT after MM yesterday. MM is def something you should do a FEW times, not just once. However, back to back MM/FT should only be tried once. Not sure how TL does it. I could see it being a bit more feasible when the temps are lower though.

Great workout today. I have been feeling it all day. Matter of fact, I had to hold onto both the sink and the wall to lower myself to the jon this morning.

Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago

Twin Peaks in south CLT…a more pleasant image than Spackler lowering himself onto the pot with wobbly legs. May need to consider Life Alert sponsoring the MM/FT doubleheader #fallenandicantgetup

Nice Q Fletch- you brought the pain today. I wrung at least a gallon of sweat out of my shirt. I think the running group was concerned.

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