#F3Swift – Dug Deeper, Hit Water

  • When:07/15/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Abacus (War Daddy), Bratwurst, Frasier, Honeybee, Strange Brew, Tootie, Undertaker (War Baby)

#F3Swift – Dug Deeper, Hit Water

The Virtual Shovel Flag was planted and Swift launched at 0515 (OK, 0516 because the QIC didn’t have “atomic” time) on Tuesday with 7 PAX in tow.


  • 1.25mi 2nd F warm-up, 6 drills, 2 additional strides
  • Around the Bull Ring – 5 x (6minutes at Threshold pace, 1minute to regroup / turn opposite direction for next interval)
  • Cool-down approximately 0.5miles home
  • Get back to AO a hair past 0615 to see Bagpipe PAX driving away #shorttimers
  • Total miles = Sound off in comments, but should have been longest Swift so far at 6+

The Moleskin:

  • Low-battery on GPS watch = No atomic sync for starting time.  Could have used phone, but the phone normally stays in the car.  Reliable 50-Lap Timex Ironman watch with dual Interval timer can substitute for Start/Stop on intervals, for YHC still hasn’t used smartphone as GPS-timer because of carrying it in hand.  Perhaps this calls for a backup solution with arm band, actual hand holding, or belt.  If hand-holding this morning, it would have surely slipped out with all of the sweat.
  • For the Theory of the workout today, visit the Preblast to get the understanding of Threshold intervals – http://f3nation.com/2014/07/14/f3swift-preblast-digging-deeper/
  • This workout could be individualized for a Mile repeat.  1 Mile T-pace, 1 minute rest.  OR 2 Mile T-pace, 2 minute rest. OR 1.5mi T-pace, 1:30 rest.  You get the idea.  5 x 1 mile at T-pace will probably be the top end for most PAX.  Start with 3 or 4 x 1 mile, work up to 2 x 2 mile, and then go up from there.  YHC recalls a painful 8 x 1 mile with 30 seconds rest in peak marathon training (still trying to forget it).
  • A tight group this morning allowed for a good deal of 2nd F pre and post workout.  Not much in-workout chatter…
  • We dug so deep today that we hit water and the sweat was poring from everywhere.  Who knew hands sweat so much?  There also seems to be an aversion to going shirtless even when the sweaty shirt ends up weighing lbs and almost suffocating.  For running-only workouts where you don’t need a shirt to keep the grass and dirt off, try going shirtless sometime…this isn’t the YMCA!
  • Strange Brew has the SF marathon coming up in two Sundays. Keep him in mind as he winds down his training.  Tapers can be frustrating and are often the time when sickness and injury creep in.
  • At one point, Undertaker tested his War Baby legs and had no problem staying out in front.  Keep building and you’ll hold on for longer next time!
  • Tootie and Abacus made a solid duo.  Sweat poring and hearts pumping, those rest intervals always seem too short.
  • Honeybee is mastering the T-pace.  It’s all about finding that groove (see the video), for this training pace will boost your endurance race times (1/2 marathon and up) better than any other workout.  When you can push at T-pace, everything else seems easier.
  • Frasier was on non-FT duty this week and came to prove that he still gets in some running between weeks not at Swift (perhaps FT is a running workout?).  Very consistent intervals and certainly pushed hard each interval.  Somehow never fell off the pace and was flying.
  • Some sort of hills are on the plate for next week.  Until then!

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9 years ago

It is never easy trying to keep you in sights. You said you weren’t feeling it but you were still fast.

Great lead.

9 years ago

My garmin had exactly 6 miles. Great lead this morning.

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