Arm Day

  • When:07/15/14
  • QIC: Semi Gloss
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Spandex, Young Love, Sanka, Ray Charles, Horsehead, Chanel, Suidio, Hacker, Busch, Tiger Rag, Tacking dummy, Country Livin, Brown, Bananas, Crab Cake, Geraldo, Night Court, Jelly Fish, Hair Band, Semi-Gloss

Arm Day

[Posted on behalf of Semi Gloss)

24 pax entered the gloom and worked off some calories as well as swinging iron.


 Mosey to lower lot for COP

Around the world till everyone gets there

25 SSH – Cad

20 Swings OYO

20 Figure 8’s

Mosey to in front of the church.

Partner up – Like size Bells

Partner 1 – Run around the building

Partner 2 – 20 Two handed Swings

20 Lawnmowers each arm

20 one handed Arm Presses each arm

Flap jack X 2

Rinse and Repeato

Partner 1 – Run around the building

Partner 2 – 20 squats and 20 clings

Flap Jack X 2

Circle up.

7’s (7 curls half way up, 7 curls half way down, 7 full curls) X 3

20 Traps 20 high pulls each arm X 2

25 Flutter with Press In Cadence

Farmer carry around the parking lot and then back up to the upper campus

Circle for a little more lifting

20 two handed Swings in Cadence

15 Russian Twist with bell (if you got it…..I didn’t)

15 Merkins on the bell each arm

20 Diamond Merkins on the bell (courtesy of Busch)

20 Dollies’s in cadence



It was YHC’s first q at Skunk works so the timing got a little behind for me.  The workout started strong and the pax were all dialed in.  When we started the running there was some calls for an audible but they stuck with me and I appreciated it.  Swinging the 45 lb kept me in check today and it limited some of the numbers that I was looking for (which was a good thing).  I am still working on the correct names but don’t worry the regulators Bulldog and Tiger Rag helped me get the correct terminology.  Enjoyed the Q and enjoyed the great send out by Ray Charles.  Strong work today brother from being out and glad to have you back.


  1. Sign up for Mud Run!!!
  2. 3rd F Bojangles South Park, Wed. Noon
  3. F3 dads this weekend – Stonecold needs someone to take his spot q ing.

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