On the Pitch

  • When:7/14/2014
  • QIC: Joker
  • The PAX: Lego, Coleslaw, Chipotle, Bessie, Coal Miner's Daughter, Young Love, Floor Slapper

On the Pitch

Eight futbol-ers [sp??] hit the ghetto pitch at The Matrix for a soccer-insprired workout. 

The Thang

200 Meter Warm up

IW X 17

SSH X 17

Squat X 17

Stretch time [like the Flex boys, but without the lacrosse balls embedded in the rump]

“120s” – Sprint 120 yards, then recovery jog 120 yards back to the starting point.  Rest alowed until total elapsed time of 60 seconds.  Then… do it all over again.  Our goal was to do the cycle ten times, sticking with the 60-second schedule for each cycle.  We made it ten times, but added a little extra recovery time during cycles 6-10.

Core work… including LBC, Flutter, Dolly and Mason Twists

Station Work

-Ten pull ups / 20 squats / 20 dips

-Eight pull ups / 20 squats / 15 dips

– Six pull ups / 15 squats / 15 dips  

People’s Chair with merkins during recovery time… total of 50 merkins

10 burpees OYO


-So, CMS budget cuts have led to to some challenging field conditions at McKee Road Elementary School.  What was once a decent field is now 50 percent tall weeds and 50 percent dirt patches.  Maybe conditions will improve when school is back in session. 

-I’m a natural born sweater [almost to the extent of Slap Shot… that man can break into a full on sweat about ten seconds into a workout], and this morning was a shirt-drencher all the way.  As a piece of marriage advice I will tell you guys.. if you happen to drive your M’s vehicle to a summer workout, be smart enough not to leave her with a sweaty seat belt. 

-Floor Slapper is a Mud Run free agent.  He’s a doctor, so could make for a good teammate!

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