60 Minutes of Pain

  • When:07/12/14
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Bubbles, Scissor Hands, Scrum, Matador, Pele, Slim Fast, Whitesnake, Mermaid (QIC).

60 Minutes of Pain

Slim Fast is posting on behalf of Mermaid.  Thanks for the Q today!  Let the record show that Mermaid had this Back Blast to me by 1:00 PM today… and it took me the additional 10 hours to get it posted!

Virtual shovel flag raised and our group of 8 set off for some man work.

The thang:

Mosey to furthest field behind the school.

SSH x 15 IC
IW x15 IC
5 Burpee OYO
Merkin x10 IC
Mountain Climber x10 IC
5 Burpee OYO
CDD x10 IC
Squat x15 IC

Mosey to playground. Stop at Snack Shop for Plank-o-rama. Partner up.

Pull Set
Partner 1: 10 pull ups
Partner 2: Jump squats
Swap x3

Mosey to school for People’s Chair. 2×60 seconds with arm holds/raises.
Mosey back to parking lot side of school to 1/8 mile track and find your partner.

Partner Builds
Partner 1 does a lap around the track. Partner 2 does called exercise. Flapjack and repeat until the number is achieved. Plank when done to wait for pax.

Exercises: 50 burpees, 120 alternating lunge
Mosey to benches under the big tree.

Bench Set:
10 jump up/10 dips/10 derkin

Indian run toward Harris Teeter. Stop halfway for Mary. Indian Run back to benches with a stop at halfway for plank-o-rama. Mosey back to benches at tree for another Bench Set.

Mosey back to playground.

Partner Pull Set:
Pull ups/Diamond merkins
Mosey back to launch for COT with one stop for 5 burpees OYO

Great morning for an F3 beatdown. YHC’s first moderate workout. High Tide provided solid intel on how to prepare for the Q. Great group of men today. Pleasure to meet and to lead this fine crew. Welcome to Scrum who joined us from Charleston for a Charlotte wedding weekend. Strong work out there by all the pax today. Whitesnake, keep on coming out brother, the running will get easier. Pele continued to impress with his persistence. Thanks to Slim Fast for posting this backblast. Great job all. YHC took us out in BOM.

F3 Dads on Saturdays
Sign up for Mud Run
Volunteer opportunities
Check website and/or weekly email for details and links

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9 years ago

Fifth post. Great beatdown that truly beat. Me. Down. I think I officially ran out of gas (fumes, man!) at about the 53 minute mark. the Pax gave the Q 5 burpees at the end, I could only manage one. Barely.

And oh, fear not, I’ll keep coming out. You can’t get rid of me that easily. Unless you change my nickname to Nickelback. AMIRITE, Dora?


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