Dude? What are you wearing?

  • When:7-10-2014
  • QIC: Radar
  • The PAX: Bulldog, Semi Gloss, Disco Duck FNG, Crab Cake, Frehleys Comet, Puppy Love, Dirty D, Tiger Rag, Philmont, Soul Glo, Purple Haze, Boomer Sooner, Spackler, Chipotle, JR, Vineyard, Radar

Dude? What are you wearing?

17 lost some weight this morning


The Thang


SSH 25

High Knees 20

Bridge- 20 left leg up and 20 right leg up

Squats-(10 sec hold at the bottom and 10 quick full squats) x 3 (last one we did squat jumps)

Mosey over to the hill and partner up

Partner 1 does backwards run up the hill

Partner 2 Does 20 yard out and back hairburners

Repeato X 5(Kind of. See moleskin)

Indian run over to behind the Thornhill Clubhouse

P-1 does step up on the bench Left Leg only

P2- Runs down the street and back up- it was far


P-1 does step up on the bench right leg only

P2- Runs down the street and back up- it was far


Mosey to Murderhorn.

Partner Drags ¼ the way up- mutiny and refusniks ensue

Indian Run back to Stonecrest

More Hairburners and hill runs



What I thought was going to be nice cool morning turned into a hot and humid suck fest. We covered a lot of ground today and the men were pretty quiet. Except for Vineyard who must have ate a box of sugar coated fruit loops this morning. That guy hasn’t talked that much during all his posts combined. It is a good sign when the 2.0s start talking smack though

After Semi Gloss showed up yesterday to DV dressed like a zoo keeper, I thought for sure he would have gotten together today. He didn’t. In fact, it was worse. I am going to spend a little time here because this can’t go on. It is like he found a 14 year olds trunk full of clothes from the late 70s and carried it back to North Carolina from somewhere deep in the mid-west. Today he sported some sort of peach colored shorts that were silky and clingy. And way too small. And way too revealing. And really gross. The top half was not much better. It was this yellowish shirt that at one time in its 40 year life had writing on it. Probably had something like Montana Bait Shop at some point. He took the verbal abuse well and announced that he would be going to OLD NAVY to get some new work out gear. (I will let you all field that one in the comments). For a visual of this think Jim Baluchi stuffed into a really bad youth basketball outfit from the 70s. However, when the bell rang he got moving and finished strong. He also brought out an FNG. Welcome Grey H. (aka Disco Duck). Sorry you had to see what we did.

The hairburners were pretty terrible today. An audible was called and we had to break the sets of 5 up between the beginning and end of the workout. YHC asked Tiger Rag to meet him over at muderhorn as the plan was to do them up the hill. I get a text 0450 saying meet me at the theatre. I roll up and he states that it will make too much noise for the houses that are set back 50 yards from the street. I was questioning the thought but he said something about them being his plates and he is a rule follower, and in charge, and that we were not doing it. So we didn’t. I think we would have been fine. I need to buy my on plates.

Do not let Philmont have the floor at the end. YHC asked how he was doing with his goal and we got way more than we all bargained for. What you do in your bedroom should stay there

Larry Birds galore today but I still had fun. Thanks for letting me lead.


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9 years ago

Nice one Radar and your best backblast yet. I am surprised we didn’t lose any pax after the Semi Gloss side straddle hops. Short shirts and tight shorts are not a pretty combo at 0530.

JR Ewing
JR Ewing
Reply to  Bulldog
9 years ago

Great workout Radar!

I agree – Vineyard was full of chatter this morning. At least he didn’t quote Texas Ranger “Chip, I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey!”

Thanks to you all for being awesome role models for fitness. Both Vineyard and I have come a long way since leaving the couch a month ago. Long way left to go, but can feel progress (and see it).

Sorry we bailed early. I had an early meeting and I tried to talk Vineyard out of posting. He wouldn’t let us skip it.

We will be out of town next week, so see you on the 24th.

Reply to  JR Ewing
9 years ago

Love having you guys out. I have never heard a peep from Vineyard until this past Thursday. He is a great kid and come to find out he has a fantastic personality. As we were running back to the parking lot from Murderhorn I fell back to run with him. I said something like, “Alright buddy you got this. Only 200 more yards.” He looks at me and says, “Oh just 200 yards huh? That didn’t help.” I laughed and said, “Just put one foot in front of the other and we’ll get there.” He then said something like, “Are you going to sing some Christmas carols as well?” Not sure what that meant but it was hilarious.

9 years ago

Our pig pickin DJ from last year posted hydra and was dubbed disco duck. He has posted recently.

Nice workout.

9 years ago

I recall hearing Spackler and Gloss talking about the best way to loosen rusty nuts in the COT. Not sure what that was about.

As for the plates, someone has to save you from your questionable judgment. Like those 10 trips backwards up the hill.

Disco Duck is out–found out later that Gray is short for Grady, which opens up a number of Sanford & Son possibilities: Fish Eyed Fool (my vote), Big Dummy, Googly Moogly (one of Grady’s signature lines), Ah Chew, Ripple, Mayo (the actor’s name).

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
9 years ago

Fish Eyed Fool it is then. Semi Gloss can handle the communication. On that note I would like to change my name to Rustic Jewels. It’s either that or the impostor in Fort Mill must have his name changed.


The Real Spackler aka Rustic Jewels.

9 years ago

Grady, quit sucking yo teeth!

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