Gopher for PRESIDENT

  • When:07/09/14
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Stagecoach (KB) Header (KB) Semigloss (1/2 kb), Radar (stretching), Fireman Ed (run in), Wolfman (LIFO), Boomer (WD), Donkey Kong (WB), Sanka, Pinstripes, Sussudio, Turkey Leg, Runstopper, Snitzel, Focker, Scratch and Win, Cottonmouth, Monkey Joe, Minimum, Geraldo, 49er, The Shore, Puddin Pop

Gopher for PRESIDENT

—Posted on behalf of Semi-Gloss—

23 pax entered the gloom boys and came back men.

The Thang

Mosey to Track for a little warm up lap


  • 20 SSH CAD
  • 20 Merkins OYO
  • 20 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the track and partner up for a little partner race.

Round 1

Race against your partner half track meeting back up in the middle on the other end.  Winner 5 Merkins – Loser 10 Burpees

Round 2

Race against your partner half track meeting back up in the middle on the other end.  Winner 10 Burpees – Loser 25 Merkins

Mosey back up the parking lot area and the GOPHER begins.  For those of you that don’t know here is how a round goes.

Partner 1 runs down to the track and around while partner 2 runs down to the baseball fields and does 20 Dips, 20 Derkins, 20 Pull ups, THEN 30 merkins for the team at the top.  FLAP JACK after that.

The goal was to get as many rounds in as possible.


  • 50 LBC’s cad
  • 20 Dollies cad


  • As I pulled up to the parking lot in the gloom of morning, I was greeted to Stage Coach and Header rocking out a little Pre-KB workout.  I still don’t have the time down from my house so I was late.
  • YHC was planning a workout yesterday and then realized that we haven’t done the gopher in a while and decided it was time yet again for it.  Its always a crowd pleaser.  The first part of the workout was slow moving with A LOT of Chatter about various things.  Radar mentioned my cargo shorts (granted I deserved that one) and other discussion ensued about a multitude of things.
  • Once the race between partners started every discussion went to a stand still.  THEN after that when I mentioned the dreaded GOPHER there was no chatter just a lot of heavy sighing.  Runstopper said something about only doing 2 rounds.  Last check his team did 4 rounds good work.  Great work by the pax today, everyone was pushing against the clock to get as many rounds in as they could. Boomer was working hard and getting through the laps like a champ.  Pretty sure SC and a few others knocked out a bunch.  Turkey Leg was just warming up for another fast twitch workout. I looked up and asked Radar what time it was and got a little sad when he said 5:42.  As I type this on the afternoon I am still feeling the workout.  Then of course it wouldn’t be a Death Valley workout if I didn’t have dirt all over my back so that got handled.


  • Mud Run sign ups
  • 3rd F Threshold
  • 3rd F aftermath
  • Golf Tournament – Elevation – Divide Saturday – 35 bucks golf and lunch
  • F3 dads – Francis Beatty park – Alf on Q this Saturday

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