#F3DevilsTurn Preblast – Tempo Day

  • When:07/10/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Suspicious characters from Area 51

#F3DevilsTurn Preblast – Tempo Day

DevilsTurn will launch at 0515 on Thursday from the 4 Mile Creek Greenway parking lot at Rea Rd & Bevington Place.  We will be on the route to South Charlotte Middle School (and back) in full Tempo run mode.

The goal for tomorrow:

  • Arrive early for 2nd F and 5 minute Dynamic warm-up (standing high knees, standing butt kicks, leg swing, lateral leg swing, and ankle rolls).
  • Start at 0515 and Warm-up for 10 minutes at 2nd F pace
  • At 0525, start a Tempo run for 40 minutes. A great guide for your pace / effort will be Marathon Pace spelled out by the calculator at http://runsmartproject.com/calculator . If you need instructions, read http://runsmartproject.com/calculator/instructions. Hint, input a recent Race personal best, click Calculate, click Training tab to view Marathon pace.
  • While at the track, leave at a time that will get you back to the AO by 0610 (usually between 0550 and 0555).  Run in any lane on the track, but stay in outside lanes if running opposite direction (clockwise).
  • Option A: Continue the Tempo run to 0605 (40 minutes), gather with others, and then cooldown back to AO.
  • Option B: Push until you get to the AO at 0610 or before.
  • COT

The route for tomorrow is the “usual”, but here it is:

  • From the parking lot, head East on Bevington Place and cross Rea Rd.  Continue on Bevington Place.
  • Deadend and turn Right on Coburn Court (0.7mi)
  • Deadend and turn Left on Brownes Pond Lane (1.2mi)
  • Deadend and turn Right on Rosecliff Drive (1.3mi)
  • Deadend and turn Left on Strawberry Lane (1.6mi)
  • Turn Left into bus lot entrance at South Charlotte Middle School (1.9mi) and head towards back of school to take the sidewalk Right down to the track (2.1mi)
  • Run around the track until time to leave
  • Reverse route back to COT
  • Course map here: http://www.strava.com/routes/590015 for a total of 4.6mi if including 1 loop around the track.

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