You Can’t Spell Legendary Without Leg Day

  • When:07/08/2014
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Brown, Chanel, Stone Cold, Country Livin', Cole Slaw, Swiss Miss, Hair Band, Yankee, Matador, Lab Rat, Bulldog, Horsehead, High Tide, Gullah, Geraldo, Sanka, Susudio (WD), Puddin Pop, Tiger Rag, Donkey Kong, Tackling Dummy, Harley, Young Love, Semi Gloss & Alf (Q)

You Can’t Spell Legendary Without Leg Day

25 Pax ventured into a relatively mild July gloom to face another edition the Skunk.  YHC promised little running, meathead friendly, high wheezing and imminent death.  With a heavy focus on legs, all goals except the death thing were achieved.  But I did toss out the disclaimer prior to COP so I assume that legally covers me just in case it went bad.

0530 – And go:

Partner up and P1 Farmer Carry KB’s to church parking lot.  P2 does 5 squats and catches P1 for the swap and repeat until we hit the lower lot.  Grab your KB and circle up.

2-handed swings – x20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Staggered arm Right Merkins x 15 IC  (repeat with left)

IW x 20 IC

Flip watches around if you have them x 1 IC

Complete 5 reps of each of the following OYO – go through cycle 2x

Single arm swing R, single arm swing L, KB high pull R, KB high pull L, Snatch R, & Snatch L  (For the rest of the workout this will be known as “The 5’s”.  Sidebar:  I will be hosting a lesson on creative exercise names at 5:00 AM before my next Q.  Come join!)

Main Event:

Grab a slice of hill for 11’s.

Round 1:  Goblet Squats at the bottom, Jump Squats at the top

Round 2:  Overhead press at the bottom, Merkins at the top

Round 3:  Thrusters at bottom, Burpees at the top.  (Thruster starts as goblet squat and move bell to OH press as you come up from squat – IMHO they suck all the life out of you)

After completion of each Round do “the 5’s” until all Pax done.

Out of time – lug KB’s back to school


Q’ing at Skunk is some of the most fun you can have.  There is almost no limit to the level of difficulty you can bring.  Some day’s the only way it could be harder is if it was longer.  And no one can complain it’s too hard or Harley might pull your eligibility to come back.  In truth YHC had the basic idea for this Q a few months back which gave me plenty of time to erase the easy parts and add in more fun.  Nothing more fun than 30 trips up that hill.

Mileage wise we probably only hit .75 miles, but being all at 15%+ grade was just awful.  Meatheads were likely fooled by the heavy emphasis on the legs vs. the upper body.  Got to work the legs too so you don’t look like the guy above.  Never skip leg day.

It appeared the crew of Flex led by their head Yogi Tiger Rag were all loose and a bit chatty during COP.  They slowed the yammering after the 60 staggered arm merkins and those loose hammy’s might have been the factor slowing them on the hill a bit.  You have to keep the suspension a little tight.  I give Semi-Gloss an 7 out of 10 for the ninja roll under sniper fire he took in Round 2.  Assuming that is when the leg quiver was on high.

I don’t know if TR was throwing in the towel your just checking the Q’s watch when he hollered that we were near the time hack on Round 3.  It was all under control.  If you feel you didn’t get enough core work with the swings, feel free to throw in 6 MOM at home.  I am sure flutters and dollies will feel great today with those dead legs.

Always an honor to lead out there and always a great group to be with.



Mud Run – Sign up as individuals.  Sign ups close one week from today!

F3 Dads – Saturday, 9am, Bring the 2.0’s!

Kevlar and Joust back to normal on Friday

New gear workout on Thursdays starting 8/7 at Elizabeth Lane Elementary.  High Tide is accepting recommendations for the name of the workout.

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9 years ago

This was not the first time Gloss has hit the deck:

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