• When:07/07/14
  • QIC: Film Festival
  • The PAX: Gangsta Mouse, Dick Clark, One Eye, Lorenzo, Big Willie, Love Boat, Jamboree, Kit Kat, Chappy, Backdraft, Grey Goose, Hammer, Sledge (2.0), Waterseal, Serengeti, Yunz, Outback, Mr. Green, Flutie Flakes, Snowflake, Blades of Glory


With Independence Day safely in the rear view mirror, British rule was once again reasserted over the DMZ pax. With another classic Wimbledon final fresh in the memory, this morning’s workout had a certain tennis feel to it, both in terms of location and each count.

Circle up on the tennis courts: SSH x 40, Merkins x 15, Mountain Climbers x 30

Line up on one side of the courts for a 5 set match:

Set 1; Sprint to the other side and back, bicycles x 15, repeat sprint, dollies x 30, repeat sprint, LBCs x 40: Rinse and repeat for Sets 2-5 with 15x and 30x of various ab exercises including knee-ups, Russian twists, Rosalitas, flutters and always finishing each set with LBCs x 40

Mosey the long way round to the central part of Church @ CLT. Partner-up;

Partner 1 stays put and does derkins x 15, squats x 30 and dips x 40; partner 2 sprints around the church; switch while partner 1 sprints. Rinse and repeat 3x for each partner, a total of 6 games (1 set) per team.

Mosey to bottom of parking lot and head up the parking lot by way of:

13 broad jumps, 13 merkins

10 broad jumps, 10 double count dry docks

13 broad jumps, 13 double count LBCs

12 broad jumps, 12 hand release merkins

10 broad jumps, 10 double count dollies

The vague method to the counting madness – the total number of games in each set of yesterday’s final.

Just time for a tie-breaker; back to the center of the church and find your partner again, one more lap for each partner while the other does derkins x 15 and burpees x 15; mini plank-o-rama while the pax finish up, and a quick Mahktar N’Diaye x10

A good showing from the Pax today, although the Monday morning, post-Independence Day mood was a little quieter than usual.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead….and the willingness of the Pax to follow instructions from a Brit.  Thanks to Snowflake (War Daddy) for taking us out.

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