Pre-blast: Who needs a headlock?

  • When:07/07/14
  • QIC: Smash and Simba
  • The PAX: The PAX

Pre-blast: Who needs a headlock?

How did you become a part of F3 Nation?

It usually starts with the EH.  For me it was multiple EH’s before I finally gave in, but I am thankful my brothers (Little W, Hannibal, Young Love, Doc, Barker) didn’t give up.  So, who do you know that needs a headlock?  Who have you been asking that needs to be re-engaged, encouraged to join the fun?  Think of those you hung out with on the 4th, someone who said they would consider it.  Follow up and get them out this week, and don’t just encourage them to go, encourage them to come with you.  Bringing an FNG to the right workout is key to making it stick, and for many people a workout like Base Camp or Peak 51 would be a great intro to F3 nation.  So, text your buddy and tell him you will meet him in the gloom.

Smash and YHC are on Q at Base Camp tomorrow, come join us.  We can promise it will be fun…for at least two of us.

By the way, we will be circling the wagons in the SCMS parking lot at 5:27 for a little pre-workout fun.  If you are not there, don’t worry, but I will say those not present are putting their trust in their fellow PAX.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.

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Big Top
Big Top
10 years ago

Looking forward to it big cat!

Drop Thrill
10 years ago

Already working on my 2nd FNG, he’s quite a challenge but I hope I can EH him enough he’ll post.

Good seeing you again Friday Simba, keep on roaring.

10 years ago

Well said…you EH’ed BigTop with one question, this coming after 3 yrs of vain attempts. Good luck with the VQ Simba. Also… Make sure your weinke glows nicely in the dark.

10 years ago

If there was a contest on who has EH’ed the most, my vote would be for Simba. He was able to get YHC, Steinbrenner, Big Top, and Clunkin’ to join him as FNG’s when he was an FNG.

Great pre-blast and wise words that we all should take to heart.

Big Top
Big Top
Reply to  Bushwood
10 years ago

He EH’d you too right? And Swanson, Bel Aire, Chunk, Pumbaa….

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