Seven’s at Peak51

  • When:7/3/14
  • QIC: Gullah
  • The PAX: Big League Chew(Ruck/Respect), Hairband, The Hoff(Ruck), Blue Hen, Insomniac, Simba, Risky Business, Geraldo, Remington Steele, Tommy Boy(Respect), Warm Milk, BelAir, Bing, Pele, Slimfast, Dora(Ruck), Mr. Hanky(Ruck), Freedom, Ripcurl(Respect), Gullah(QIC).

Seven’s at Peak51



20 Pax showed up at Peak51 to enjoy a nice, humid morning in the gloom and here’s what went down:

Disclaimer then a short jog over to Matthews Stumptown park for COP


5 Burpees OYO

Old School Windmill x 15 IC

4 Burpees OYO

Mary Katherines x 15 IC

3 Burpees OYO

Monkey Humpers x 10 IC (audible from orig. plan in honor of The Hoff’s appearance)

2 Burpees OYO

Plank Jacks x 10 IC

1 Burpee OYO

*Over to the picnic tables for Step up/Squat 7’s

1 Step up/6 Squats, 2 Step Ups/5 Squats, keep going until 6 Step ups/1 Squat completed. Plank while waiting for Pax to finish.

Mosey back across the street to Matthew Playhouse & Partner Up for running/circuit work:

P1 does called exercise while P2 runs lap around median in parking lot, flapjack & plank while waiting for all Pax to complete rotation. 4 rounds total.

Called exercises were: Incline Merkins/Lunge Jumps/LBC’s/Dips

*Head to Bus Lot for some more 7’s(Rock Hoppers & Curb Skip Ups)

Line up at spot 8, do 1 rock hopper, run to far curb and do 6 curb skip ups/run back to start point do 2 rock hoppers, run to far curb and do 5 curb skip ups. Keep going until 6 rock hoppers and 1 curb skip ups completed.   I Think this is where the PAX started to get a little smoked.

*jog over to the softball field and gather at home plate

Bear Crawl from home plate to each base stopping at each base for 10 SSH’s. Plank up back at home plate until all Pax have made it around infield.

*to the outfield for some Jack Webbs (Merkins/Arm Raises)

Perform 1 Merkin, 4 Arm Raises/2 Merkins, 8 Arm Raises/3 Merkins, 12 Arm Raises. Keep going until 7 Merkins/28 Arm Raises completed. Time was getting short so jog back to the parking lot for:


Flutter x 15 IC/Rosalita x 15 IC/LBC’s x 15 IC, times up and we’re done.


Great work out there by everyone today. Heard a touch of mumble chatter expressing concern over whether this was a moderate workout or not so apologies if it was a little too intense at times. YHC attempted to bring it down a notch as compared to a regular F3 workout. Geraldo mentioned he sat on his couch this morning contemplating whether or not to post–glad you made it out brother! Great showing by the Ruckers/Spearhead guys. It was great having y’all out there. If you don’t know much about these guys i would suggest looking up to see what they’re about. They are a great group of men that workout extremely hard and do a lot in the community.  Way to hang tough today Ripcurl. I hope that wasn’t too much running considering your hip issues. Great send off prayer by Hairband. Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning. i hope everyone has a safe and happy fourth!



All Area51 workouts will converge Friday 7/4 at The Rock(Calvary Church) at 7:00. Q’s are Bulldog, Hops & Dora. Coffeeteria at Panera in The Arboretum to follow.

No F3 dads this week, be ready to go next week with Alf on Q.

F3 camp coming in August

Olympus will converge with Ascent at Olde Providence Elem. this Saturday the 5th.

Outland is still open this Saturday 7/5

A few spots still open for the Red, Light and Blue GoRuck Light being held the weekend of August 8th and 9th.  This is for a great cause.

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The Hoff
9 years ago

Outstanding Q Gullah. You kept us on our toes and even smoked the Ruckers! It was nice to meet new guys and it’s a good group if men…we have our eyes on a few to recruit into SPEARHEAD…Remington you are in our Cross-Hairs Marine. Hehe

9 years ago

I will tell you what, Tommy Boy was flying today. I was riding coat tails in the exercise run flapjack.
Strong Q Gullah.
Hoff good to have you and the Ruckers with us, my prediction #RemingtonWillRuck

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