Burpee Machine

  • When:07/02/14
  • QIC: Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Coal Miner's Daughter, Clown Car, Semi-Gloss, Good Hands, Geraldo, Sanka, Schnitzel, Slim Fast, Donkey Kong, Cole Slaw, Puddin Pop, Horsehead, Tiger Rag, Stagecoach

Burpee Machine

The crowd was lighter than usual at Death Valley this morning.  Fourteen guys posted in the gloom and sweated their arses off.  Jog one warm-up lap around the track.


  • 1 legged burpees x 10 each leg
  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 30
  • Staggered arm merkins (R) x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Staggered arm merkins (L) x 15
  • Diamond burpees

Jog 1/2 lap around to the track to the football goalpost.  Partner up with someone of different fitness level.

Partner 1 run 100 yards and back.  Partner 2 performs called exercise until P1 returns.  Flapjack and continue until team reaches 200 reps.

  • Round 1 – Bear Squats
  • Round 2 – Regular Merkins

Circle up for Mary:

  • Prairie Fire Mary x 10 each direction
  • CCV x 15 R/L
  • Heels to Heaven x 20

10×10 – 10 burpees each minute for 10 minutes



  • Strong work by all this morning.
  • I had 2 more rounds of the partner work planned but had to audible after just 2 rounds.  The original plan called for groups of 3 which would provide more breaks between running.  Smaller group = more running.
  • Another important audible called was my refusnick to be Geraldo’s partner.  We looked like twins this morning and partnering would have been too much.
  • The best part about Prairie Fire Mary is your partner’s sweat dripping in your face.  I need to remember to put that on the shelf until winter.
  • I think the group was in disbelief over the 10×10 call.  No one enjoyed that!
  • We had a Lance Armstrong sighting this morning as a gentleman calmly rode his bike down to the track and proceeded to knock out cycling laps while we knocked out burpees.  I guess 24 hours of booty is getting close.


  • No F3 Dads this Saturday, 7/5.  It will resume next Saturday, 7/12.
  • Independence Day convergence at Calvary at 0700.  Coffeeteria to follow at Panara Arbo.
  • Roaming HDHH tonight – Char Bar (Carmel Rd)

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Slim Fast
9 years ago

Stagecoach, great Q! The kickoff with the 1-legged burpee was pretty crappy… in a good way!

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