Parking Garage of Pain

Parking Garage of Pain

  • 20 and 1 visitor from Florida ran up and down a parking deck at Bagpipe.

13 of Haggis’ closest friends hugged it out at Swift.

Mosey to parking garage for quick Seal Jack warm up, then get started

  • 20 diamonds
  • 15 regular
  • 10 wide arm
  • 50 regular

Mosey up 1 level

  • 25 CDD

Partner wheel barrow up to the next level flapjack as needed.  High knees with arms raised while you wait.

Partner 1 runs down and back, while partner 2 does and exercise, then flapjack.

  • Merkins
  • jump tucks
  • plank touch in the middle
  • spartan burpees
  • regular burpees
  • and some other things I’ve forgotten
  •  mix in 6 inches

People’s chair with arms raises X3

mosey down 1 level and begin my new favorite exercise which I learned from Honeybee who learned from his wife.

11 ladder with merkins and dying cockroach.  When we got to five we did diamonds just to change it up.

Finish with Mary

  • 1 minute elbow plank
  • 1 minute side left
  • 1 minute side right
  • 1 minute elbow plank

Mosey back and find Swift in the usual spot of sitting down taking a rest.



Rough one out there today.  The merkin set at the start was tough and it just continued from there.  A lot of strong work by the fellas with plenty of sweat staining the garage surface.  Let’s do it all again tomorrow.


BRR shirt – pick one out and we will do a group order to be delivered at Bagpipe / Swift. Money collected at pickup









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9 years ago

It seems as if FastTwitch isn’t the only one that likes to give Swift a hard time…

JR Ewing
JR Ewing
9 years ago

I should have known we were in trouble when Mic Check started us out quoting Todd Beamer with “Let’s Roll”

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