#F3Swift Preblast – Medium Intervals

  • When:07/01/2014
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Sons of Ballantyne

#F3Swift Preblast – Medium Intervals

Swift will launch from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO at 0515 on Tuesday.  Bagpipers are welcome to join until they need to leave for 0530 Bagpipe start.

This week will be building on lengthening intervals to 4:30min (50% increase from 2 weeks ago).  Since there will be shorter rest, the speed will not be as quick.  The Goal is 4min 30sec at 10K pace, jog for 1 minute to regroup the PAX.  Repeat for 3 rounds.  Course will be kept within the Ballantyne Corp park on a moderately rolling course.  Total mileage between 5-7 miles (depends on how much ground you cover in 4.5 minutes).

Calculate your 10K pace here: http://runsmartproject.com/calculator

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