Burpee Jump Ups Hurt

  • When:06/25/14
  • QIC: Strawberry
  • The PAX: Rip Curl, Screech, Yogurt, Strawberry, Outback, Dirty Diana, Pinkman, Mr Freeze, Worm, Heartbreaker, Beaker, Snapper, Philmont, Loogie, Chipotle, Mic Check

Burpee Jump Ups Hurt

Posted by Mic Check on behalf of Strawberry

Mosey to parking lot:

– 10 Burpees OYO
– SSW x25
– 10 Diamond Merkins OYO
– Mtn Climbers x25
– 10 Wide Arm Merkins OYO
– Imperial Walkers x25
– 10 Regular Merkins OYO
2- Bear Crawl towards fountain. Call out to Merkins: Pax stop in their tracks for merkins on YHC’s count. Carry on after 7-10. Repeat every 5-10 steps. After Pax starting worrying that we will bear crawl all the way to the fountain, YHC advised to get up and mosey the remainder of the way

3- At fountain – partner up in 3 man teams: Apparently YHC was his own team as I had no partners.
– Partner # 1 – incline merkins/burpee jump ups on fountain
– Partner # 2 – regular merkin/burpee jump ups on fountain
– Partner # 3 – lap around Qdoba building
Switch when partner # 3 returns until teams get to 40 reps.
4- Rinse and repeat when realized that 40 wasn’t enough.
5- Mosey to front of Target parking lot. Jailbreak/sprint to speed bumps in back.
6- From speed bump to speed bump:
– Lunge Walk then 30 flutters
– Bear Crawl with Merkins cadence then 30 Rosalita
– Jog backwards to next speed bump then 30 LBC’s
– Side twist to next speed bump then 30 Dolly
– Flapjack side twist to last speed bump then 30 Heels to Heaven.
(Thanks to Mic Check for the added cadence on Mary exercises – YHC appreciates the assistance)
7- Mosey to front of Theatre. 2 single file lines and lunge walk indian run across front of theatre. BUT about a 1/3 of the way across YHC got the time and realized we needed to audible so Jack Webb gets his turn with the PAX.
8- Mosey to grass near cars (no one’s going home yet): Jack Webb to 20, but not back down due to time and mercy.
9- Mic Check does not give mercy so on your 6 for leg raises/6 inches until we give out.


It’s been a while since I led (November) so I was equal parts excited and nervous, but I had my trusty winkie laminated so I was good to go. I had a good plan to use most of the site and to inflict pain. Mission accomplished! It seems that the Bear Crawl/Merkins were a hit from the amount of groans and modifications happening at the speed bumps. Mic Check tried to take off and complete the bear crawl before YHC could call out the Merkins – not so fast! YHC waited until he was 2 steps from completion before calling out cadence. That exercise going on the list for next time. I had so many more special exercises planned, but ran out of time. I’ll make up for that next Q. I do really appreciate being able to lead a great group; and feel good that the PAX seemed to be smoked. That’s what it’s all about. At least I kept my promise for no Murderhorn!

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