How many merkens does it take to make jelly?

  • When:06/28/2014
  • QIC: Run Stopper
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Far Side, Kueckley, Gummy, DeadLift, Titelist, Yoda, Showtunes, Boomer, Flipper, Bulldog, Taffy, SkyWalker, FNG -Daisy, FNG- Scrum, FNG-iBEAM, FNG- Stagefright

How many merkens does it take to make jelly?

300. thats how many… today we had 4 FNG’s mixed in with the 18 PAX for what I would now call arm burner workout.

The Thang:

SSH x25
IW x25
Merkens x25
Mountain Climbers X25
Prisoner Squat x25
Mak Tar Nai x20

Indian Run to Williams R Davies Park
–25 Mirkens every 100 yards–

2 Rounds  x20 each
Pull Ups
Jump Squats

-3 Man Merkens Grinders-
any flavor mirken you want 2 men exercise
third man runs between and taps next guy.
Repeat until arm failure or for 10 mins

Run back to the parking lot time expiring, so I decided Jack should show his ugly head,

Jack Web on the pavement


Naked Moleskin:

4 FNGs today were lulled into a sense of comfort as I began the workout with the classic 1,2 punch SSX and Imperial Walkers.  Wasnt until we started the MERKENS that Skywalker called out here it goes… and with that busted 20 in cadence, then planks, then Mak Tar Nai…

Not sure how everyone felt about the run and Mirkens at every 100 yards or so, but can tell you that the fail factor was set high as this group of men were dealing with the uncomfortible feeling in their arms..

Excellent work by all.


4th of July Convergence at the Rock at 7AM-8AM. Kevelar, Joist and Centurian will all converge for this epic workout!

Mudrun signups. Do it… information on the F3NATION.COM website under forum.



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