Flame On!

  • When:06/28/14
  • QIC: Zipadee, Horsehead
  • The PAX: Joker, Glass Joe, Counter Top, Snowman, The Late Show, Zipadee (QIC), Horsehead (QIC)

Flame On!

7 PAX met this AM at the Sun Valley Middle School for a complete sensory overload.

What had happened wuz:

Zip on Q

  • Warmup at shovel flag – merkins, mountain climbers, SSH, IW, etc . . .
  • Group Mosey to Elementary School playground across campus for circuit work
  • 4 circuits – repeat until time is called
    • bench dips,
    • donkey kicks in the swing with mud hole
    • step ups on slippery table
    • attempts at pull ups
  • Long Indian run back to practice football field

Horsehead on Q

  • Pick up snow saucers and cones hidden in the ditchbank
  • Pick up a rock from the nearby pile
  • Hairburners across field with saucers while partner does rock exercise
    • Two 2-man teams go to short cone and U turn back
    • One 3-man team runs grinders to long cone – keeps distance the same as 2-man team
    • After two passes each, regroup and run suicides to short cone, long cone, and the tower (100yds away) as a recovery
    • Change exercise and repeat this hairburner circuit until we all were about to black out – I do not remember all of the exercises or how many passes we made
  • Plank Circle with clock merkins around the clock
  • Reverse direction and repeat
  • Mosey to base of big hill beneath shovel flag and backwards bear crawl to flag
  • 6MOM with some other exercises I can’t remember because I was about to pass out


I arrived a bit early to scope out the field/hairburner situation and have a little two mile warmup run.  Zip accompanied me on a small part of the run in his Lexus for a warmup drive.

When I returned to the main lot, I was surprised to see Joker getting out of his electric car.  I think that he either ran over or found an old but highly potent tube of extra strength Ben Gay in the parking lot after which he proceeded to strip down completely naked and spread over his entire body.  Ben Gay, like hot sauce and wine in a box, apparently gets more potent with age.  The smell and eye burn was tremendous.  I immediately revised my workout to eliminate the chest to chest partner carries.  #youarewelcome.  Flame On!

PAX were working hard on the circuits, the runs, and the hairburner event.  The rock exercises between hairburner runs turned into a bit of a comedy as most returned from the saucer to see their partner sprawled out on the ground looking like roadkill.  The “recovery sprints” were fun too.  I smoked myself during the last set and don’t remember some of the rest.  Fortunately, Ben Gay is also a poor mans substitute for smelling salts.  Zip has continued threats to burn or destroy the saucers, but I have managed to sneak them back home for another day.

Missed Drop Thrill, Double E, and Hairband out there today.  Drop Thrill is running his first 10K today, Hairband is taking his Jersey spray tan to the beach, and Double E is sleeping in a cabin with 30 of his closest family members.

Possible July 4th convergence – details to come.

– Horsehead





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The Late Show
The Late Show
9 years ago

This makes my Top Ten List of gassed out workouts. Thanks Z and HH for Q’ing it up and knockin out the park!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I’m so sad I missed this… not!

Love the Human Torch pic.

As I figured I finished last, wait…hold the phone! DT didn’t finish last at the 10k trail run! OK, I was next to last but I did finish and DID run almost the whole 6.2 miles.

Ran into 2 other F3 brothers out there too (Nancy Drew & Swamp Rabbit). Swamp Rabbit showed his little bunny tale as he passed me on the trail, but he did shout out a friendly greeting to me as he passed. I shouted back a friend DT Greeting and that was the last I saw of him hopping down the bunny trail.

Tired and sore today, but I finished and that’s all that matters.

Now for the light ruck… it ain’t no “lite” ruck either. Already got my loaner ruck, Outland is gonna go to a new level for me next week. Have the paramedics on-call.

And finally (wow I’m writing a book)..Joker!? Brother good to see you found your way out into the outlands. Hate I missed another beatdown with ya. Aye!

Finally, finally… sorry… one quick note if I forgot last week (and I think I did) Donut Hole is currently doing his Army training in Louisiana and hopes to be back with us in July. He sure ain’t been sitting on his #six.

Until next time brothers…

Counter Top
Counter Top
9 years ago

Great beatdown on Saturday boys! Always enjoy the seeing the saucers come out (NOT!).

We will be having our regularly scheduled program on July 5th so gear up and bring your strong!

Drop Thrill, glad to hear that the 10k went well amd the Lite Ruck will be a fun challenge. I have not done one but I understand the pain from many days on in the field, sleep walking with ruck on the back and straight leg boots on the feet. Start stocking up on moleskin and muscle rub for the recovery.

Maybe we can plan on incorporating a little GoRuck training this coming Sat to get you in the mood. Pick a big coupon form the rock pile and do some partner carries.

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