Snake Radar and The Devil’s Turn

  • When:06/26/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Skywalker, Wolfman, Radar (DT-FNG), Champagne (DT-FNG), Mall Cop, Bratwurst, Splinter (DT-FNG), Hannibal, Soft Pretzel, Stump Hugger, Turkey Leg, Haggis, The Mouth, Silk, O'Tannenbaum, Horsehead, Honey Bee (QIC)

Snake Radar and The Devil’s Turn

At 5:15am this morning, 17 men including 3 DT FNG’s decided to assault their lungs and legs in the heart of Area 51.  A full data analysis by the spreadsheeters would be needed to see if 17 is a record, but regardless 17 PAX is a good day at Devil’s Turn.  It must be sinking in that BRR is around the corner.  Time to put in the miles!

The plan was simple this morning.  It was a tempo run out to S. Charlotte Middle School with everyone leaving together and getting in various distances before returning to the parking lot at 6:10am.  Distances varied between 4 and 7.5 miles during the 55 minute duration.

All in the COT appeared to have just swan dived into a swimming pool due to the high humidity and the extended exertion of the tempo run.  What is a tempo run? It is running which is comfortably hard, marginally painful, and continuous for a long time.  If executed properly the “runner’s high” is all but guaranteed.  You are welcome.

As we entered the neighborhood, Radar spotted a snake in the middle of the street and proclaimed it a copperhead.  How he saw a snake in the pitch black and promptly identified it by genus and species in 3 seconds amazed all of us.  Perhaps this is a nod to his nickname or he is a closet herpetologist, we will never know.  It did make a few PAX prance like school girls though.

On the way back, the snake was re-encountered by Haggis who said it had raised its head ready to strike him at any moment.  This may have been an embellishment however since the snake had been laying in the same exact spot for 55 minutes. However, in the end, no one was bit by the venomous creature.

Welcome to Radar, Champagne, and Splinter to Devil’s Turn.  I hope it lived up to your expectations.  From what I saw, you guys dominated out there.  Strong work.

Great job also to all the the DT regulars.  Hopefully, the hard work is showing now in your more efficient running and increased speed and stamina.  This stuff works!

Congrats to Horsehead on a new PR of 9 times around the track.  He’s a runner.

That’s all for now.  Time to check in with the USA / GER match…


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9 years ago

The snake looked to be aprox. 7 months old and female. I witnessed several impressive high jumps on the way back.

9 years ago

Not sure I’m getting a whole lot faster, but I do feel in better shape. Humidity may have something to do with it. Thanks for having me out.

I will say I was trying to encourage Horsehead as we left the track on the return trip (or maybe encourage myself), saying “At least it’s all downhill from here,” to which he replied, “Except for the uphills.” #true

9 years ago

Mission accomplished Honey Bee. I hadn’t run 6 miles in at least a yr due to my back injury and plantar fasciitis, so I’ve been on a runners high all day.

And thank goodness, I didn’t see that Copperhead. I don’t do poisonous snakes.

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