Let’s Keep Moving

  • When:06/26/14
  • QIC: Geraldo
  • The PAX: Robin Hood (WD), White Snake (Anthony Proctor-FNG) Dora, Freedom, Header, Good Hands, Binary, Simba, Sensei, Gullah, Bel Air, Rip Curl, Insomniac, Bananas, Slim Fast, Tommy Boy, Remington Steele, Pele, Geraldo

Let’s Keep Moving

19 of Area 51’s finest ignored their snooze buttons and answered the call for their downpainment at Peak 51.

The Thang:

Take a Lap around the AO mixing in high knees and butt kicks then returning to the lower parking lot.


  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 15
  • IW x 20
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 10
  • Squats  x 20

Partner up for some ramp work.

Partner 1 runs up & down the hill while Partner 2 does called exercise then flapjack until total number of exercise is complete.

  • Round 1 Merkins x 50
  • Round 2 Flutter Kicks x 50
  • Round 3 Wide Arm Merkins x 50
  • Round 4 Heels to heaven x 50
  • Round 5 Burpees x20
  • Round 6 Lunges x 50

Mosey  to the school and grab some wall

People’s Chair (aka The Semi-Gloss)
3 x arms out, arm raises

Move the baseball field bleachers.

Circuit work

  • Step ups x 20 (10 each leg)
  • Dips x 15
  • Squats x 20
  • Repeato x 2

Return to parking lot for Mary

  • Rosalita x 15
  • Dollys x 15
  • Flutter x 15
  • Russian Twists x13

The Moleskin:

  • Great work by the PAX today. YHC wanted to explore the AO some more and keep things moving along and mix it up some. Thanks again.
  • There was some mumble chatter when Burpees were called during the ramp work, always a favorite
  • Congratulations to Robin Hood on his 1 Year Anniversary, keep it up!
  • There was some mumble chatter about how the People’s Chair usually coming at the end of the workout  but it was thrown in the middle this time #ItAin’tOverTill-It’sOver
  • Bananas is always good for some mumble chatter and called out YHC on his form with the squats #KeepingQICHonest.


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9 years ago

First post. What a way to wake up in the morning, eh? It’s one thing to be humbled by a situation that you never saw coming. It’s completely different to walk headlong into a situation that you *know* is going to humble you. This, I feel, is the number one reason that has kept me from facing my growing waistline and the general decline in my physical well-being.

I’m not sure where to start on my notes from the post. It’s really kind of a sweaty, out-of-breath, on the edge of puking blur. My aerobic abilities were definitely put to the test. I was diagnosed with asthma about a year and a half ago, and running has never been my strong suit anyway. Indeed, the initial lap around the AO was just about more than I could take. The squats, Merkins, et al were almost a welcome break. Almost.

Beyond that, I was simply in survival mode. Trying to figure out how far to push myself during any given exercise while knowing that I need to leave *something* in the tank for the next.

And a lot of wondering what time it was. “How far off is 6:15AM?”

Bottom line: it sucked, but 30 minutes after, I felt great. I’m wicked sore today. But it’s a good sore. Like I did something yesterday beyond staring at a computer screen or the bottom of a glass of tasty craft beer.

I would like to thank Dora for reaching out and talking me into this. And I’d really like to thank the Pax for the words of encouragement during and after the workout. I held you up more than once, fellas, but you never made me feel like I did. I appreciate that.

P.S. Let’s hear it for my 2:00PM crash yesterday! Out of nowhere… BAM! Hit a wall. HIT. A. WALL. Black coffee to the rescue!


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