The Magnificent Seven

  • When:06/21/14
  • QIC: Horse Head & Countertop
  • The PAX: Double E (KBB- QIC), Glass Joe (KBB), Drop Thrill (KBB), Zip-A-Dee (KBB), Horse Head, Countertop, Snowman

The Magnificent Seven

7 men of Outland showed up for this morning’s beatdown. 4 men went the extra mile and started the pain early slinging iron from 6:15-6:45.

The Thang


–       SSH x20

–       IW x20

–       4 count squats x20

–       Merkins x20

Mosey to the baseball field and partner up

–       Burpees x10 to celebrate snowman’s later arrival

–       Partner 1 – lunges while Partner 2 – bear crawl around the bases

–       Switch

–       Rinse and Repeat

Pick a base and do 2 rounds of…

–       Crab walk home plate to first base

–       Kong crawl first to second base

–       Lunge walk second to third base

–       Backward lunge third base to home plate

Mosey around the school for some “Zip-A-Dee” Hate Me (x 6 minutes)

–       Jump ups /step ups x20

–       Dips x20

–       Walk the plank down the rails

Horse Head picks up the Q

–       Pick up your golden nuggets and lets move…

–       Run out the access road from the middle school

–       Hang a left at Elementary School and head toward the high school

–       Pain station burpees, merkins, LBCs

–       Recover and mosey over to the base of the hill by the shovel flag and this is where the real pain begins

Partner up

–       Partner 1 AMRAP merkins while partner 2 runs to the shovel flag and back (too easy)

–       Partner 1 AMRAP LBCs while partner 2 runs to the shovel flag and back (a little tougher)

–       Partner 1 lunge walk to the cat tail plants while partner 2 runs to the shovel flag and back (seriously HH…enough with the running already)


COP / Mary

–       Hello Dolly

–       Rosalita


Moleskin:   YHC is getting this posted waaay too late so I am sure that I’m missing some of the fun that we had. Couple things of note. Several of the PAX persevered through a brutal Kettle Bell beatdown only to find that the roll into a beatdown that was intensified by the 100% humidity and 90 degree heat. Strong work brothers. Keep it up.

We’ve long wondered what type of man could sire a thoroughbred of Double E’s caliber.  We had the chance to meet this legend Saturday morning as we welcomed “Walker, Texas Ranger” to Outland.  In true ranger style, he chose his own path this week, as he made his way around the AO, surveyed the terrain and then joined us for a cup o’joe afterward at coffeeteeria.  Glad you joined us WTR, and looking forward to seeing over the coming weeks.

Since our beloved “The Late Show” has been arriving on time the past couple of month’s we’re thinking of ending his term in office as our official tollgate indicating we’re 5 minutes into the beatdown. On a related note, Snowman is up for election in the race to take over The Late Show’s F3 handle as he’s been fashionably late the past two weeks. I think he’s setting his alarm for 7:00 just to be sure he stays in the running. Better late than never. We needed that 10 penalty burpees anyway! (We wouldn’t give you a hard time if we didn’t count you as a brother)

Drop Thrill has a 10k planned for this upcoming Saturday. You’ve been training hard and we know you’ll Kick butt.

There’s been some talk of #F3NightTrain on Thursdays. Rumor has it that it’ll be launching again this Thursday at 7:30pm from the #F3Joust site

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Shout out to Double E for playing water boy for me. Aye!

I may finish last in the 10k, but I’ll finish ahead of all those that stayed on their #six.

Excellent beatdown gentlemen. I felt it in strange places Sunday.

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