Bagpipe with a Twist

  • When:06/23/14
  • QIC: Long Distance and Mic Check
  • The PAX: Bagpipers: Peaches, Frehley, Blackbeard, Loogie, Outback, Molasses, Soft Pretzel, Mr Bean, Philmont, Pulled Pork, Garbage Plate, Mermaid, Kane, Chipotle, LD, Morning After, JR, Vineyard, FNG Mariposa, Market Timer, Dirty Diana, Mic Check Swifties: Honey Bee, Silk, Strangebrew , Brisket, Bratwurst, Spinner, Abacus

Bagpipe with a Twist

  • 22, including 1 FNG got up early to be lead by the man himself, Long Distance.  He had a twist in store for the first half of the workout, YHC took the second half.

7 others sat criss cross applesauce in a circle for what I assume was the entire 45 minutes.  They call themselves Swift.

Men follow Long Distance:

  • 30 SSH
  • 25 IWS
  • 20 merkins

Mosey to lake

Dips, Derkins

indian run band camp style.  High leg kicks while last guy sprints to the front

Dips, Derkins, sqauts

Indian run regular style around the lake

Dips , step ups, merkins

Indian Run with a twist, backpedal while last man runs to the front.

Dips, Derkins, dips, Derkins, dips

Indian run until each person gets to sprint to the front.

YHC takes over. mosey to nearest lot

Bear crawl, CDD, bear craw, CDD, bear crawl, CDD.

5 Burpees, run, 5 Burpees, run, 5 Burpees

10 diamond, run, 10 diamond, run, 10 diamond

Mixed in some plank, one arm, 6 inches.

Mary time

  • 30 flutta
  • 30 dolly
  • elbow plank
  • left side plank
  • right side plank
  • elbow plank

Mosey back home.


Haggis was still recovering from his latest weekend race.  He reached out to LD and myself making sure we were ready to deliver pain in his absence.  Hope we did him proud.

Always great when LD leads the charge.  Indian Run with a twist was a little dangerous on the thin path at the lake, but the PAX did their best.

Welcome FNG Mariposa.  He made his mark by pulling on a tree branch in an attempt to move it for the following PAX, but it instead swatted at least 3 of them right across the chest.

As always thank you to the PAX for allowing me to lead.  I value the time we spend each morning.  Iron sharpening iron.



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