Fake Grass and Little Rubber Balls

  • When:06/23/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Dead Lift, The Worm, Soft Pretzel, Mic Check, Bratwurst, Loogie, Rip Curl, Tootie, Honey Bee (QIC)

Fake Grass and Little Rubber Balls

With a slightly cool breeze blowing from the south, 8 men circled their bells and headed for a jog around the lot to let any late comers have a chance to catch up.  Jog done, now time for work.

All grabbed their bells and headed to the gate for a COP.  Bratwurst at this point decided to show up and we were 9 going into the warmup COP.

– SSH x 20

– Forward lunges x 20

– Mtn Climbers x 30

– Side lunges x 20

– Carolina Dry Docks x 20

– Backward lunges x 20

Partner up with someone of like size KB for catch me if you can down to lower field

–       5 merkins and then catch the other

Circle up on lower field for real COP (credit for this painfest goes to the Queen Bee – devious!)

– 20 2-hand swings

– ladder to 10 of combo merkins / dying cockroach (form correction enacted by Mic Check and Soft Pretzel)

– 15 sumo squats with leg lift

– 20 renegade rows up into side plank

– 10 KB burpees (in 8-count fashion)

Rinse & Repeat

– 20 1-hand swings

– ladder to 10 of combo merkins / dying cockroach

– 15 sumo squats with leg lift

– 20 renegade rows up into side plank

– 10 KB burpees (in 8-count fashion)

Pile up the bells and line up for the bucket brigade

– everyone plank and pass bells to other end of the line

– reverse to get all the bells back

– everyone stand side-by-side and do upright row and pass bell until all are at the other end

– pass bells back doing a bicep curl before passing bells

5 minutes left – catch me if you can back to the parking lot

– LBC’s for 30 sec

– Protractor for 45 sec

And we were spent…


– Great effort and mumblechatter out there this morning.  Perhaps it was the slightly cool breeze that had Bratwurst and Mic Check all riled up or something. Thoroughbreds?

– Mic Check was excited about the merkin / dying cockroach and promised to steal it for future use.  It is doubtful the place he brings it out will be as plush as the Elon Park cushion grass though.  I pity the foo that happens to be there on that day.  That move does result in a lot of fake grass and little rubber balls stuck all over you though.  #1stworldissues

– Bratwurst didn’t like YHC’s cadence call on the 8-count burpees and jibber jabbered the whole time.  He has a good point though. Next time, the “8” will not be called and the PAX will instead answer with the rep count.  At that point in the workout, YHC had a hard enough time figuring out if it was a 6 or an 8 count.  Probably did 5 reps just trying to figure it out.  O2 deprivation at work.

– Great second post for Rip Curl who now has a shiny new bell.  Nice markings too.  Dead Lift has a bell on the way.  By the man’s size, I am thinking it may look more like a cannon ball.  Just hope there is no fuse.

– A late welcome to Tootie who is now a Son of Ballantyne (SOB) since moving to Blakeney recently from Metro.  We are glad to have him as he is a regular at all B-tyne workouts now.

– As always, there was strong work put in by the Foxhole faithful.  The Worm, Soft Pretzel, and Loogie are there each week killing it.  Nice work brothers.  See you next week.


– F3 Dad’s continues through the summer Saturdays at 9:00 at Col. Francis Beaty Park

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