Best Back Blast Ever!

  • When:6-21-2014
  • QIC: Hairball and Radar
  • The PAX: Purle Haze, Spackler, Long Distance, Probation, FNG Bare Naked, FNG MacGruber, Splinter, Strawberry, Boutique, Hairball QIC, Radar QIC

Best Back Blast Ever!


The Thang

Hairballs Q

Mosey over to the track

Catch me if you can around the track with jump squats

Catch me if you can around the track with deep squats

Mosey to the benches out front

P1- does jump up

P2- runs around the lot

Flap Jack until you get 100 jump ups

P1- does calf raises

P2- runs around the lot

Flap Jack until you get 200 calf

Lunge Sqaure

Forward lunge 30 yards then left then back then right

Mosey to the wall for some peoples chair

Radar Q

Mosey to the car and grab sandbags

Catch me if you around the block. Runner carries sandbag while partner does Merkins
Fast teams circle back until everyone finishes

Mosey on to the soccer fields
P1- 10 sec hold 6 inch merkins. 10 military merkins. Alternate this until partner gets back

P2- 100 yard suicide. 3 turning points
Flap Jack

P1-walking merkins over the sandbag
P2-suicides. Flap jack

P1- elbows in overhead press with sandbag
P2- bear crawl 30 yards and back
Flap jack

P1- 10 wide / 10 reg / 10 military. Keep rotating until partner gets back
P2- all you got 100 yards and back with sandbag
Flap jack and repeato

Mosey back and do a little Freddie mercury

Good group today. I was a little concerned about Hairballs q when he had us marching like the red army. But that faded quickly once the leg beat down began. I had no plans to work the bags today but two FNGs had to get some of that. Spackler continued his normal heckling. It’s amazing to see someone refusenik 80% of all workouts and still call out others effort. Welcome  Bare Naked and MacGruber. Hope to see you out again soon. Welcome back Probation. Good to see you and your robocop leg.


Just Kidding about the Best Back Blast Ever thing


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10 years ago

Radar- you just looked old and slow today. And you didn’t even do the pre-run with us. That could have been your excuse but now you gotta just blame it on the bourbon or your #back.

Reply to  Spackler
10 years ago

Great to be back a take such a beat down. Proved how bad off I am after 10 weeks off.

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