Stair Climber

  • When:06/18/14
  • QIC: 50 Shades
  • The PAX: KY, Huddle, Hopper, John Deere, Bridges, Double Ds, 50 Shades

Stair Climber

For a while now YHC has wondered whether the back playground of Providence Day offered any good place for pull ups. Arriving a bit early I jogged over there to check it out. Hm. Not bad. Some of the bars are pretty low to the ground. But it just might work. Feeling the time crunch YHC trotted back to the site of the VSF. Men, it was time to embark on . . .


COP on field turf after a warm up lap

SSH; IW: Copperhead Squat; Mountain Climbers; Merkins; Peter Parker

recover and mosey to the stadium seats via the parking lot and up the back stair case.

5 dips; jumpups; derkins run up 5 LBCs plank

10 dips; jumpups; derkins run up 10 LBCs

continue with sets of 15; 10; 5

I overheard somebody say, “I’m glad he didn’t take that to 20.” I thought to myself, “What’s next is harder than 20.”


10 heels to heaven; climb stairs for 1 burpee

9 heels to heaven; climb stairs for 2 burpees.

& etc.

Back to the field

People’s chair air presses

Jump squats in cadence

People’s chair

Bear crawl from goal line to 10 and crab back

Bear crawl from goal line to 20 and crab back

200 yd dash in 1 minute w LBCs to finish out the minute: 2 reps


Knee ups; Rosalita; Freddie Mercury; Protractor



Not much to announce afterwards. Those stairs. Whew. Toward the end I thought I might need Sherpas and oxygen. The PAX really gutted it out with courage, but everyone was wilting a little toward the end. Some guys working the track paused to cheer on Huddle at one point. Between those guys and the other track walkers out that morning, YHC believes the boys from F3 earned everyone’s respect that day.

–See you in The Gloom.



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