Zoo Day at The Maul

  • When:6/18/2014
  • QIC: Mighty Mite
  • The PAX: Frehleys Comet, Wingman, Housekeeping, Pinkman, Madame Tussauds, The Worm, Teddy, Soft Pretzel, Chipotle, FNG Jay aka Tickle, Long Distance, Screech, FNG Mike aka Mr Freeze, Pop, Haggis, Mighty Mite.

Zoo Day at The Maul

16 men including 2 FNGs got in touch with their beastial sides in the gloom this morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to the other side of the parking lot for a quick warm up COP.

SSH X 20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 20

Line up and break into 4 groups for the main event.

Zoo Day

Each of the four groups is given a card with an animal walk and 3 exercises.  The pax in each group did the called animal walk for 50 yards, did the 3 exercises, backwards animal walk, do the 3 sets of exercises again.  Switch to another card once you are done.

Group 1: Bear crawl.  10 merkins, 10 sit ups, 10 squats.

Group 2: Gorilla walk:  12 diamonds, 12 sit ups, 12 squats

Group 3:  Scorpion walk:  14 hand release merkins, 14 russian twists, 14 lunges.

Group 4:  Crab walk:  16 wide grip merkins, 16 v sits, 16 one legged squats.

Once you’ve completed all 4 animals.  Hold plank.

Mosey over to the hill.  Bear crawl up, back wards bear crawl down

Hill burpee ladder up to 5.


Whale Kick X40

Bicycle X 30



This workout was copycatted from F3 Denver.  YHC even borrowed the cards that were used during the workout.  I’m not sure if it was more difficult in high humidity or high altitude but I think all pax can agree that it is a sure smoker.

Frehley’s got tired of doing some of the crab walks and challenged haggis to an inch worm contest.

Great work by the FNGs Tickle and Mr. Freeze.  Hope to see you both out in the gloom very soon.

As always, it is a privilege to lead such a great group of men.


Fall Mud Run Teams are forming.  October 4th.


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