Days were confused

  • When:06/18/14
  • QIC: Spackler (the real Spackler)
  • The PAX: Sanka, Zipadee, Rock Thrill, Coal Miners Daughter, Slim Fast, Tiger Rag, Pinstripes, Boomer, Hairball, Focker, Frasier, Purple Haze, Good Hands, Busch, Scratch and Win, Stonecold, Fathers Bum, Cole Slaw, Cottonmouth, Schnitzel, Donkey Kong, Turkey Leg, Header, 49er, Fireman Ed, Ironhorse, Stagecoach, Puddin Pop, Semi Gloss

Days were confused








30 pax left the nice cool comfort of their fartsacks to enter the thick moist humid blanket mother nature prepared for them at #F3DeathValley.

The Thang

No COP but there was short disclaimer

Off to Davey Park at a pretty good clip

Partner Up – 3 rounds

Partner 1 runs down to gate and back while Partner 2 performs exercise – flapjack

Exercises included:

Round 1:  Merkins, Pull Ups, CDD’s

Plank (left, right etc)

Round 2:  Squat Switch Jump, Jump Squats, Calf Raises

Plank (bows, 6 inches, bows, 6 inches

Round 3:  Dolly, J Lo, MTJ

Mosey to entrance gate for 3 rounds of AYG sprints up to top of hill

Mosey home

Estimated mileage – 2.7


Congrats to Slimfast on his 1 year anniversary – you have made some huge strides my friend

It was quite moist today and everyone that wore gloves could feel it…..and smell it.

YHC was accused of getting his days mixed up by the site Q – this is #DV – we don’t run like they do at #FastTwitch – today they kinda did

DK didn’t see the twitter message to #keepurshirtson.  Its unspeakable really..

TR and Haze should never give YHC crap about refusnik #professionalrefusniks

Add Semi Gloss to that list above as well.  He was busy being in awe of the speed he was seeing up at FIA #gladurshirtstayedon

Bananas must have known YHC was on at #DV – #unexcusedabsence #notarunner

Hard to believe that was Frasier’s 1st time to #DV.  Right up his alley (today)

Strong effort by all.  T claps to Haze and Rock Thrill for running in and out of #DV – they logged 7+ miles this morning #strong

Thank you Semi Gloss for taking us out in prayer



F3 Dads this weekend – 9am – bring kids of all ages –

Kevlar and Skunk will be off site next week.  Keep a watch on Twitter for more details


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