Bagpipe with Brisket

  • When:06/17/14
  • QIC: Brisket
  • The PAX: Haggis, Brisket, Beaker, Heart Breaker, Mr. Bean, JR, Vineyard (War Baby), Housekeeping, Chipotle, Long Distance, Morning After, Turnpike, Wingman, Pup, Mermaid, Cain, Peaches, Molasses (War Daddy), Escargot, Sunrise, Mic Check, Loogie, Bratwurst

Bagpipe with Brisket

(Haggis posting for Brisket)

23 folks braved the humidity for a morning jaunt.

The thang:

  • Mosey to the first staging ground for a warm up. Plank, 30 SSH, 25 Imperial walker, 20 Merkins.
  • Mosey to the lake. Plank, 10 Up and Overs, 15 Decline Merkins, 20 Dips. Round the lake, rinse and repeat.
  • Mosey to the bus stop. 6 Double Merkin Burpees, sprint halfway to the bridge, 6 Double Merkin Burpees, sprint to the bridge, 6 Double Merkin Burpees, Plank. 90 Second People‚Äôs chair with shoulder presses.
  • Mosey to the bottom of the hill. Ladder up the hill. Start with one burpee at the top, seven jump squats at the bottom, plank.
  • 6 Diamond Merkins, sprint halfway to the bridge, 6 Diamond Merkins, sprint to the bridge, 6 Diamond Merkins, Plank.
  • Mosey back down the hill, to the lake, to the parking lot. LBCs, 21 Dollys, 15 heels to heaven, 20 bicycles. Jail Break back for COT.


  • F3 Dads starts this week
  • F3 Dads camp sign up on website

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JR Ewing
JR Ewing
9 years ago

This may not be the right place for a stupid question – so please let me know if there is a better place to ask.

I’m still pretty new to F3, coming straight off the couch. How do you decide the right point between pushing yourself harder during a workout and “listening to your body” when it is complaining?

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