Like a day at the beach

  • When:6-13-2014
  • QIC: Radar
  • The PAX: Semi Gloss, Harley, Turkey Leg, Spackler, Swiss Miss, Fruity Flakes, Risky Business, Stage Coach, Horse Head, Sanka, Cotton Tail, Blue Hen, Hacker, Fathers Bum, Scratch and Win, Sussudio (WD), Alf, Busch, Good Hands, Toxic, Donkey Kong, Brown, Hair Band, Country Living, Radar (QIC)

Like a day at the beach

25 men came to work today and got it done.

The Thang 

Mosey across the street to the church parking lot.

30 (Cadence) SSH

60-70 (Cadence) “toes in” calf raises


Partner up with similar speed individuals. And form two separate columns


Mosey back to the road. Column 1 races Column 2 in indian runs around the campus (Different Directions). First complete group back wins.

Loser- gets 20 burpees winner gets 10


Mosey over to the church and get in groups of threes. (Sand Bags await) 


P1- Run Around the Church with Sand Bag and finish up and down a flight of stairs

P2- Merkins Jacks until bag runner returns

P3- Carolina Dry Dock until bag runner returns

Repeat this (3 times) until everyone goes through the cycle 


P1- Run Around the Church with Sand Bag and finish up and down a flight of stairs

P2 and P3- rotate 20 yard partner drags until bag runner gets back

Repeat this (3 times) until everyone goes through the cycle 


Mosey over to the parking lot with sand bags. Here we did the same type things except the bag runner did suicides with the medians as turning points. Last turning point was the top of the hill. There were 3 turning points about 20 yards or so apart 

P1- Suicide runs with bags

P2- Knee Tucks

P3- Ski Abs

Repeat this (3 times) until everyone goes through the cycle 


P1- Suicide runs with no bag

P2- Triceps Merkins

P3- Overhead Press with Sand Bag

Repeat this (3 times) until everyone goes through the cycle 


Jail Break back to AO with all bags. 

39 merkins to honor Alfs birthday


Our very own British puppy called YHC earlier this week to inform me that he was injured. He started talking about how he was worried about his Q on Friday. These were all attempts to get YHC to fill in which I was glad to do. It took a while though to get him to calm down. He just kept saying I am scared to Q on Friday.  

There was a little mumble chatter during the warm up at the beginning of the calf raises but I began to see the grimaces once we got into the 50s. After that it was fairly subdued. T Claps to Busch, Alf and Good Hands for grabbing the 100lb punching bag even when there was 35lb sand bags left over. Over achievers. It was visible after a while that they got their monies worth. So did the bag apparently as the seams are all busted up. 

It has been a few weeks since I have gotten out to Kevlar. I was glad I did it. Always hard work going on and lots of things to get into. Also, it’s nice to get the sand bags out to the PAX that don’t play on Saturdays. Thanks for letting me lead.


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Hair Band
9 years ago

If my M doesn’t swoon over me at the beach this week after that beatdown I want my money back!

Oh wait, 4th F… Free.

Great Q out there today!

9 years ago

Best moment of the morning:

Seeing someone (think it was Good Hands) coming up fast behind me on the final hill suicides carrying the gigantic sandbag and thinking “man I’m tired, but no way he is passing me with that thing”, so I turned on the reserve and powered home

Worst moment of the morning:

Smelling the inside of Radars car/Pilates studio when relolading the sandbags. Seriously man, hit that thing with some Febreze or a vanilla tree or something. Smells like F3.

9 years ago

That last round of sprints were just for show off factor. Very unnecessary.

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