Final Preblast – F3 Area51 CSAUP Olympics

  • When:06/14/14
  • QIC: Honey Bee and the bravest Q's in all of Area 51
  • The PAX: The Fast, The Strong, and the Completely Stupid

Final Preblast – F3 Area51 CSAUP Olympics

The 1st Annual F3 Area 51 CSAUP Olympics are just over 24 hours away and it is going to be epic.  There are events for all types, from the pencil armed runners, to the thick necked studs, to those clearly lacking good judgment.  There is something for everyone.   You owe it to yourself to compete for your chance at CSAUP glory!

Even if you are not fast, strong, or completely stupid, participation and mumblechatter is highly encouraged since this is bound to be an outrageous 1st, 2nd, and perhaps 3rd F opportunity.

Who: The PAX of Area 51 (F3 South Charlotte)

Where: South Charlotte Middle School (site of Fast Twitch and Death Valley)

When: June 14, 2014 from 6:00 – 8:00 am

Why: Do you even need a reason? It is a competition and it is CSAUP. Enough said.

Schedule of Events:

5:50 am – Arrive at South Charlotte Middle School and prepare yourself for mayhem

At 6:00 am sharp, Runstopper will be your Q for a warmup COP followed by the 1-mile run.  The 1-mile run will be done in at least 2 heats.  One will be the Clydesdales and the other the Thoroughbreds.  Clydesdales will go first.

After the warmup and 1-mile race, the PAX will be split into 3 groups and will rotate through the Running, Strength, and CSAUP events as a group proceeding to the next set of events roughly every 25 minutes.  YHC will have a whistle for signaling the time for groups to rotate to the next set of events.

The progression will be the following:

•       Group 1: Running, Strength, CSAUP

•       Group 2: Strength, CSAUP, Running

•       Group 3: CSAUP, Running, Strength

Finals will be held at the end for all events except for the shot put and clean & press.  If we are done early, we will do a crab walk race or another elimination type challenge.

Here is a map of the location of each event:


Here is a listing of the events in each category:

1)    Running Events

a) 100 meter dash

b) 400 meter run

2)    Feats of Strength

a) Shot put

b) KB clean and press competition (max in 2 min)

3)    CSAUP Events

a) Loaded wheelbarrow push – 50 yds out and back

b) Hairburners race

4)    Bonus Events (if time is available after finals)

a) Crab walk race

b) Up and At ‘Em (elimination challenge)

Rest up men and we will see you on Saturday!

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9 years ago

Do you have to do all of the events?

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