Eat your Merlot

  • When:06/09/14
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Rock Thrill, Horsehead, Frasier, Hops, Turkey Leg, Boomer Sooner, Mr. Brady, Sprout, Hairball, Lex Luther, Wolfman, Soul Glow, Mall Cop, Hannibal, Baracus, Purple Haze

Eat your Merlot

The Thang: 

Warm up:  Mosey one lap around the parking lot.  Do plyometrics to the first goalpost then jog to the next goal post.  Turn around and repeat: High knees, Butt kicks, Frankensteins, 50%, 75%, 100%.

The event: run one mile at your 5K pace down woodfox to the last entrance of Raintree country club.  Run back to the last man and run back to the finish point as a group.

Mosey to the bottom of Raintree Ln.  Run .3 miles and 62 feet up in elevation at one mile pace.  Run back to the last man and run back to the top of the hill as a group.

Walk down to the bottom of Four Mile Creek Rd.  Break up into two waves of eight.  AYG to the top of the hill.  Walk back down and repeat.  

Indian run as two groups back down to the bottom of the hill on Raintree Ln.  Repeat distance at one mile pace to the top.  

Walk down to the bottom of Four Mile Creek Rd.  AYG again.  

Indian run down in two groups to the bottom of the hill on Raintree Ln.  

Run back to the corner of Strawberry Hill and Woodfox (1 mile) at 5K pace.  No man left behind.  

Say goodbye to Wolfman and run down to the track for sprints.  

Break up into groups of three: 100m relays although as Haze pointed out we may have only been doing 90m of relays.  Partner one runs 100m to partner two who runs back to partner three.  You continue doing this six times.  

Mosey up the parking lot for a one lap warm down.


Despite the humidity the Pax stepped up the challenge.  There were a lot of great efforts out there today.  The Muthership must have been too much for Spakler because he fartsacked.  I hope that is not a precursor to the BRR teammate.  It was great seeing many teammates and competitors out this morning that are participating in the BRR.  

Haze looked particularly fast and Mr. Brady was either nipping at his heels or leading.  Strong effort.  Mall cop must not have heard the part about we are doing 100m until the end of the workout becasue he was flying on the first round.  For some reason he visited the infield for brief internal talk about if he should or should not show us his dinner and Merlot from last night.  Luckily for us he handled it well.  

Great encouragement by everyone and it was a pleasure leading the Pax.  


F3 festival this upcoming Saturday.  Ride for the kids with Farside at 9:00 on Saturday at Francis Beatty Park.  Sign up for #Impact to volunteer some time over the summer for a good cause.  Congrats to Area 51 for helping Billingsville win $10,000 last weekend.

I believe that is all.

posted on behalf of Frasier

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9 years ago

Why yes I did fartsack. And it was a beautiful thing. If I were to apologize for missing this one it would be a lie. Look forward to being back next week….well wait, who is leading?

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