Take a break Bagpipe

  • When:06/10/14
  • QIC: Haggis
  • The PAX: Dirty Diana, Escargot, Coleslaw, Mic Check, Honey Bee, Peaches, Soft Pretzel, Mr. Bean, Outback, Philmont, JR, Cain, Garbage Plate, Long Distance, Strangebrew, Turnpike, Freeleys Comet, Chipotle, Morning After, Spinner, Jamboree, Tutti, Brisket, Mermaid, Udder, Haggis

Take a break Bagpipe

26 hard men took on the Bagpipe monster this morning.  Some won, some lost.

The thang:

Mosey to parking lot. Plank up for warm up and disclaimer. 25 SSH, 20 Imperial Walker, 20 Mountain Climber, Plank, 20 Merkins.

Mosey to loch ness first wall: Plankerama, 12 durkins, 12 dips, 20 jump ups or step ups.

Mosey to loch ness second wall: Plankerama, 15 durkins, 15 dips, 20 jump ups or step ups.

Mosey to bottom of Dunreggan Brae. Plankerama, then 5 burpees, run up hill for 5 burpees in the middle, run up hill for 5 burpees at the top.  Run down the hill again for plankerama at the bottom.

Repeat, this time with plankerama at the top.

Mosey to parking lot.  Line up for Mighty Mite merkin ladder: bear crawl a couple of parking lot spaces, 2 merkins, bear crawl, 4 merkins, bear crawl, 6 merkins…etc up to 16 merkins.

Plankerama, then line up for Long Distance selection standard merkins.  10 for the group, with LD calling repeats every time form was off.  We did about 16 in total I think.

Mosey back to Wells Fargo lot for some Mary:protractor, 20 flutter, 20 dolly, 20 heels to heavens, 5 slow bicycle.

Mosey in for COT.


– Chippy was noted today for his efforts to make sure all pax were accounted for. He did this by making sure that he stayed standing during plankeramas so that he could keep an eye out for everybody.

– Freeleys Comet heard to ask YHC “What … is … wrong … with … you…?”.  A bit ungrateful since this workout was all based on his request not to have to run.

– Welcome back Long Distance and Philmont.  Long Distance’s efforts to keep us all honest during selection standard merkins particularly appreciated.

– Brisket next week.  Be ready!

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